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Adobe Acquires A Generative AI Step into Video Creation

Ambitions for Generative AI

Adobe, the renowned creative software company, has made a significant move into the realm of generative AI with the acquisition of, a Bengaluru-based startup specializing in AI-powered video creation. This acquisition demonstrates Adobe’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies into its creative suite, allowing users to easily create professional-grade videos. Using AI to Simplify Video Creation

The text-to-video platform from revolutionizes the video creation process, allowing users to create captivating videos from simple text scripts. This cutting-edge technology removes the complexities associated with video production, making it more accessible to a broader audience, including influencers, content creators, and businesses of all sizes.

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Creative Cloud Integration by Adobe

The incorporation of’s technology into the Creative Cloud suite is expected to boost the capabilities of Adobe’s existing video editing tools. Users will be able to use AI to streamline their video creation workflows, from scriptwriting to final editing, all within the familiar Creative Cloud environment.

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An Adobe and India’s First

Company’s entry into the generative AI and video-tooling space is its first, demonstrating the company’s proactive approach to embracing emerging technologies. Furthermore, is the first Indian startup to be acquired by Adobe, demonstrating the growing importance of India’s tech ecosystem.


The Team and Investors

A majority of’s talented team members will join Adobe as part of the acquisition agreement, bringing their expertise in generative AI and video creation to the company. Furthermore,’s investors are expected to receive a full cash exit, while the founders will receive a mix of cash and Adobe stock.

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Implications for Industry

The acquisition of sends a clear message to the industry about the growing importance of generative AI in the video creation landscape. This acquisition is likely to spur additional innovation and competition in this rapidly changing field.

Prospects for the Future

The company is poised to strengthen its position as a leader in creative software solutions with the integration of’s technology. The company’s dedication to generative AI is expected to open up new doors for creativity and productivity in the video creation space.


The acquisition of represents a significant advancement in the convergence of generative AI and video creation. This move is expected to revolutionize video creation, giving users a new level of efficiency and creativity.


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