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Android 14 Beta 3: New Features and Potential Stylus Integration

The introduction of Android 14 Beta 3 has piqued the interest of both tech aficionados and code tinkerers. This current beta version adds some intriguing features, such as stylus-specific settings, which hint at Google’s possible ambitions for stylus integration in the Pixel Tablet or the highly anticipated Pixel Fold. Furthermore, the Android 14 Beta 3 includes an innovative wallpaper-dimming feature that may extend battery life on some Android smartphones. In this post, we’ll look at these exciting advancements and consider what they mean for the future of Android smartphones.

Stylus-Specific Settings Indicate a Pixel Tablet Stylus

A series of stylus-specific options is one of the most intriguing additions uncovered in Android 14 Beta 3. These settings imply that Google is working on a stylus for the Pixel Tablet, which was initially offered without any mention of stylus capability. According to the code in the beta version, users will be able to recognize and assign different purposes to the various buttons on a stylus. Primary, secondary, tertiary, and tail button actions are among them. Additionally, users will be able to customize the software’s response to stylus button clicks, improving the user experience and variety of stylus input.

Android 14 Beta 3
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Enhanced App Functionality and Preferences

The third beta of Android 14 adds a new stylus capability. Users may now use the tail button on the stylus to launch the default note-taking app and even alter the default app to suit their tastes. These improvements not only make stylus users’ lives easier, but they also reinforce the idea that Google is actively working on stylus integration for its Pixel Tablet family. Google hopes to provide a more complete and intuitive input option for those looking for a versatile and productivity-focused device by enhancing the capabilities of the stylus.

Wallpaper dimming to extend battery life

Battery life has long been a worry for smartphone users, and Google has made a step towards solving this with the wallpaper dimming feature in Android 14 Beta 3. While most current smartphones have yet to achieve the renowned two-day battery life, this new function seeks to get handsets closer to that standard. When you enable Battery Saver mode on Pixel phones, the wallpaper dims, providing a contrast between the darkened wallpaper and the brightly lighted app icons and At a Glance widget. This impact is especially visible with lighter and more bright backgrounds, resulting in a more power-efficient display.

A Clever Approach to Battery Savings

Users had to rely on Extreme Battery Saver mode or Digital Wellbeing’s Bedtime mode to decrease the wallpaper prior to Android 14 Beta 3. These settings, however, were largely concerned with user wellness rather than battery longevity. Google’s decision to lower the background with Battery Saver mode is consistent with the company’s efforts to reduce power consumption while maintaining important information and functionality. The Android OS can conserve power by reducing the brightness of particular pixels when the device is on the home screen, drawing inspiration from features such as Extra dim, dark mode, and Always-On Displays. Though the effect may be small, these power savings can contribute to a more efficient Android experience by increasing device battery life.

Android 14 Beta 3
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Faux High-Contrast Mode and Better Visibility

A false high-contrast mode is a fascinating byproduct of the wallpaper-dimming feature. Even with busy or complicated wallpapers, users can benefit from enhanced visibility by using a darker backdrop and brightly lighted icons. This Android update improves accessibility and usability by making it easier for users to interact with their smartphones and easily locate app icons. Google improves the overall user experience while maintaining power-saving benefits by offering a visually dramatic contrast between the backdrop and app icons.


Android 14 Beta 3 introduces intriguing new features to the Android environment. The stylus-specific options hint at Google’s likely ambitions to include a stylus in future Pixel Tablet devices, increasing their capability and productivity. Furthermore, by conserving power on the home screen, the wallpaper dimming feature offers a promising method to boost battery life. This function not only improves power efficiency but also adds a simulated high-contrast mode, which improves user visibility and accessibility. As Android 14 evolves, these capabilities are likely to be polished and made available in future releases, benefiting both Google’s Pixel smartphones and third-party Android makers. With these new innovations, Android users can look forward to improved functionality and longer battery life.


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