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Anime Like Persona 5 for the Disobedient Soul: Discovering the Metaverse

In Short

  • Heist Kings & Queens: Durarara!!, Lupin III, & Kabaneri provide entertaining antics and social criticism. Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 take their cues from Lupin’s slyness and dramatic flair.
  • Persona Power Unleashed: Psycho-Pass, Bungo Stray Dogs, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure delve into the themes of inner struggles and special abilities.
  • Beyond the Metaverse: Style, substance, and rebellion are delivered by Danganronpa, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Kill la Kill.
  • Begin Your Discovery: This is only the very beginning! Explore more to find undiscovered treasures.
  • Awaiting Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation, and other sites offer these anime. Enjoy your viewing!

With its captivating story of rebellion against societal corruption, heart-pounding soundtrack, and stylish visuals, Persona 5 completely took over the anime scene. But what anime will take your place after you’ve defeated the Phantom Thieves and taken control of the Metaverse?

Parsona 5
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The Exhilaration of Stealth: Anime Inspired by Robin Hood

Durarara!!: Explore Ikebukuro, a neighbourhood full of strange people and urban legends. Come along with Mikado, a newcomer looking for adventure, as he becomes entangled in a web of secret agendas, paranormal activity, and gangs. (Consider the social ties and dark corners of Persona 5’s society.)

Lupin III: Watch Lupin III, the colourful crew of the renowned gentleman thief, pull off daring heists against unscrupulous organisations. Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 take their cues from Lupin’s slyness and dramatic flair.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: A young engineer named Ikoma uses cutting-edge technology to defend a steampunk world that has been devastated by hideous monsters. Similar to Persona 5, this anime combines mystery, action, and social commentary.

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Persona 5 Power: Anime featuring Persona-Like Elements and Internal Conflicts

JoJo’s Weird Odyssey: Enter a multigenerational story in which the Joestar family uses their fighting spirit to wield powerful manifestations known as Stands. Persona 5’s extravagant action, distinctive character designs, and examination of inner demons are all present in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. (For the closest vibes, start with Part 3 or Part 4).

Psycho-Pass: Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector in a dystopian future, questions the legal system that makes decisions about people based only on their mental health. Persona 5’s examination of societal shadows is echoed in this anime’s complex treatment of morality and free will.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Characters with literary skills, such as Atsushi Nakajima and Osamu Dazai, battle for autonomy in a world teeming with supernatural forces. Persona 5’s diverse cast and their struggles are reminiscent of this anime’s unique blend of action, humour, and character development.

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Beyond the Metaverse: Substantial and Styleful Anime

Danganronpa: High school students are forced to participate in trials while trapped in a deadly game. They must use cunning and deduction to identify the real culprit. Danganronpa’s dark humour, action-packed scenes, and colourful cast provide a distinctive experience that goes well with Persona 5’s mix of humour and serious themes.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The iconic film Neon Genesis Evangelion delves into the mental challenges faced by teenagers entrusted with controlling enormous robots to combat extraterrestrial threats. Even though Evangelion’s themes are distinct from Persona 5, many fans find resonance in its introspective approach to character development and its examination of internal conflict.

Kill la Kill: Don’t let its bizarre graphics deceive you! Kill la Kill tells a stirring tale of standing up to injustice and defying expectations. Its frantic action, strange characters, and rebellious themes mesh well with Persona 5’s main idea.


You don’t have to stop travelling outside of the Metaverse, my dear adventurer seeking intrigue and rebellion. With this collection of anime suggestions, you’re sure to find experiences that pique your interest and leave you craving more. Each suggests a different combination of action, style, and introspective themes.

Keep in mind that the anime world is huge and constantly growing, so don’t be afraid to delve deeper, find hidden treasures, and pick up new favourites that speak to your rebellious side. The power of anime, after all, is in its capacity to take you to other worlds, alter your viewpoints, and leave an indelible impression. Now grab your remote, sit, and get ready to have the magic of animation take over!


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