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Apple Discontinues $5 Voice Plan for Apple Music: What You Need to Know

Apple recently discontinued its Apple Music $5 Voice Plan, which was a big adjustment to its Apple Music membership offers. This option, released in 2021, allowed customers to access Apple Music’s huge music catalog solely by voice queries via Siri. While the scheme had its own distinct attraction, it also had some limits. In this post, we’ll look at why the Voice Plan was discontinued, what it implies for existing members, and what other subscription options are now available.

The Discontinuation of Apple Music Voice Plan

Apple silently withdrew the Apple Music Voice Plan from its website, signaling the end of this one-of-a-kind membership service. The Voice Plan was primarily meant to appeal to users who wanted to connect with Music via voice commands, particularly through devices such as HomePods. While this approach had a small following, it had some significant shortcomings that made it less desirable to a larger audience.

Limitations of the Voice Plan

Subscribers to the Voice Plan were restricted from adding songs to their music library, creating playlists, using the service on non-Apple devices, and enjoying features such as lossless or Dolby Atmos audio. These constraints could have contributed to the plan’s lack of appeal.

Other Subscription Options

Existing Voice Plan members need not be concerned about the abrupt discontinuance. Apple has said that it will disable auto-renew for these subscribers, enabling them to stay on the plan until their billing cycle ends. Those on trial can continue to use the plan until the conclusion of the first billing cycle. Apple will send users further information before their subscription expires.

Users now have several alternative for subscription options to choose from:

Student package: Apple Music’s cheapest subscription package is currently the Student Plan, which costs $6 or Rs 59 per month. This plan is intended exclusively for students.

Individual Plan: Apple provides an Individual Plan for $11 (Rs 99) per month, which includes full access to all services.

Family Plan: For $17 (Rs 149) each month, users may share their subscription with up to five devices, making it a cost-effective option for families.

Apple One: Apple One, the company’s all-in-one subscription service, costs $20 (Rs 195) each month. This subscription includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, News+, and Arcade, providing a full entertainment package.

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Reasons Behind the Discontinuation

Apple’s objectives have been called into doubt following the cancellation of the Apple Music Voice Plan. Apple’s official statement on the move emphasizes the company’s dedication to offering the finest music experience possible. They emphasize elements such as immersive Spatial Audio, real-time lyrics, intuitive browsing and discovery features, and more as essential components of their strategy.

It is important to remember that existing Apple Music subscriptions currently provide seamless interaction with Siri, and Apple intends to improve upon this experience. This could imply that the Voice Plan, which provided a Siri-only experience, was rendered obsolete in light of these improvements.

The Voice Plan’s Availability

Music Voice Plan was only accessible in a few countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. Despite its limited availability, the plan drew notice due to its novel approach to music streaming and low pricing.


The elimination of the $5 Voice Plan marks a significant shift in Apple’s subscription offers. While it featured a Siri-exclusive music experience, its limitations, as well as the expanding capabilities of other Music plans, may have influenced its demise. Existing Apple Music users can explore various Apple Music plans or subscribe to the all-inclusive Apple One package. Users may expect further breakthroughs in the world of music streaming as Apple continues to improve its music experience with new features.


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