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Apple WWDC23 Recap, All the Annoucements and Highlights

This is our Apple WWDC23 Recap and today Apple showcased a variety of improvements for the company’s products. While the event has historically been centred on software, this year’s programme also included intriguing hardware announcements. The show’s headliner was the innovative Apple Vision Pro, which Tim Cook hailed as a “new kind of computer”.

Along with the groundbreaking Vision Pro, Apple launched new MacBook Air models, revamped Mac hardware with enhanced silicon, and sent out software updates across its ecosystem. Check out our live blog for a complete overview of the event as it transpired. Continue reading to learn about the presentation’s major features and to find connections to our in-depth coverage.

Key highlight of the show Apple Vision Pro

Apple WWDC23 Recap

The Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s AR and VR headset, was the showstopper for WWDC23 With intentions of completely altering the field of immersive technology. This personal display, which costs INR 2,88,749, combines features from iOS, macOS, and tvOS with well-known Apple interface components. The headgear has a sleek look and is expected to start sale in early 2024. Its glass front conceals cameras and a curved OLED outer display.

The M2 chip, Apple’s top processor, allows the Vision Pro to operate as a full-fledged computer from the inside out. In contrast, a specialised R1 chip works in tandem with the M2 to handle data from the headset’s 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones, decreasing latency and delivering a flawless visual experience in an amazing 12-millisecond timeframe. Apple proudly calls this operating system, which runs on the new visionOS and makes use of iOS frameworks and cutting-edge graphics methods like foveated rendering, “the first designed from the ground up for spatial computing.”

Apple WWDC23 Recap

Real-time facial projection during FaceTime and other video chat applications is made possible by the Vision Pro’s internal cameras, which monitor facial movements and encourage engaged social interactions. This ground-breaking headgear is an example of Apple’s ambitious entry into the fields of augmented and virtual reality, and it has the potential to fundamentally alter how people view and engage with digital material.

The Bigger and Better MacBook Air 15

Apple WWDC23 Recap

Apple has announced the eagerly awaited MacBook Air 15, adding a bigger version of the MacBook Air 13 to their range. The new model has an amazing battery life of up to 18 hours and is powered by the powerful M2 processor. The starting price for the MacBook Air 15 is INR 134900, and it offers options with up to 24GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. It has two Thunderbolt ports, a Magsafe cable connection, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is just 11.5mm thick and weighs 3.3 pounds. It also has three microphones, six speakers with force-cancelling subwoofers, and an above-display 1080p camera located in a notch.

The Mac Studio with M2 Max and M2 Ultra

The new Mac Studio from Apple features their most recent silicon technology. The M2 Max chipset or the M2 Ultra chipset, which combines two M2 Max chips to create an astounding 192 GB of memory capacity, power the device.

Apple WWDC23 Recap

With its amazing features, such as a 24-core CPU and the capacity to stream 22 films concurrently at 8K ProRes resolution, the M2 Ultra chipset stole the show. Furthermore, it can simultaneously handle up to six Apple Pro Displays.

The Mac Studio will be available starting from 13 June for INR 729900. Apple has also revealed that the M2 Ultra processor would be included in their premium desktop model, the Mac Pro. All of the improvements made to the Mac Studio are carried over to the Mac Pro, including support for up to 192GB of RAM.

The Mac Pro has six free PCIe gen 4 slots and is outfitted with eight Thunderbolt connectors, two HDMI ports, and twin 10GB Ethernet interfaces. Both upright tower and horizontal rack configurations are offered.

The Much Awaited iOS 17 update

Apple WWDC23 Recap

Numerous quality-of-life improvements introduced in iOS 17 will significantly enhance the user experience. The capability to search within your Messages, which makes it simpler than ever to discover certain conversations, is one much expected feature. Additionally, tap on certain messages to react to them directly, and voice comments will automatically be transcribed to improve accessibility.

The new iOS 17 lets you say goodbye to boring grey panels when accepting calls. As an alternative, you may give contacts full-screen pictures or customised Memojis to give them some visual flare. Furthermore, real-time transcription of voicemails will offer a practical method of call screening and identification of unfamiliar callers.

Apple WWDC23 Recap

Check In, a major new safety feature, lets you notify trusted contacts when you arrive at a certain area. This is especially helpful for letting loved ones know when you arrive safely after a late-night journey. iOS will encourage you to prolong the duration rather than instantly contacting your contact if your travel takes longer than you anticipated. Additionally, Check In transmits crucial information like battery and signal health while ensuring end-to-end confidentiality.

The ability to copy video subjects and paste them as stickers has been added to iOS, building on the features that were first presented last year. This makes it possible to create animated GIFs, which are ideal for sending to friends or using as amusing Messages replies. Every single emoji may now also be shared as stickers.

While iOS 17 adds Name Drop, a feature that makes it easy to share your contact information, AirDrop has always been a helpful tool for sharing files between Apple devices. You may pick and choose which information to disclose, including email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Apple WWDC23 Recap

In iOS 17, the private journaling app Journal makes its debut. Apple describes it as a practise in thankfulness, but it involves more than just writing notes. Journal keeps a detailed record of your experiences by automatically logging activities like listening to music and working out.

When your iPhone is horizontally charging and you want a dedicated alarm clock experience, the new StandBy mode may be used. It features a big, clear clock face in addition to practical calendar and audio functions, making it a multipurpose bedtime companion.

Last but not least, iOS 17 does away with the need that users utter “Hey Siri” before giving orders. Now that the voice assistant can be activated just by saying “Siri,” communication is streamlined and voice control is much simpler.

The new iPad OS 17

More interactive controls added to iPadOS 17 improve widget usefulness. These widgets not only offer information that can be seen quickly, but they also have interactive buttons that let you control your smart home appliances or start playing music right away.

Apple WWDC23 Recap

With improved visualisations for sleep patterns and activity levels, the Health app in iPadOS 17 now displays more interactive personal data and gives you a full picture of your health.

Additional quality-of-life enhancements in this future iPadOS version include more customizable lock screens and the ability to set multiple timers, which is particularly helpful while cooking. Additionally, a more dynamic and engaging experience is now possible with the Stage Manager tool for iPad selfie cameras during video conversations.

Apple WWDC23 Recap

Apple has enhanced the capability for working with PDFs by taking use of the large screen real estate on iPads. Now, users may interact in real-time while editing PDF files, add signatures right within iPadOS, and automatically complete out forms. Additionally, the revised files may be easily organised and kept within the Notes app for quick access.

MacOS Sonoma with focus on gaming

Apple WWDC23 Recap

A new gaming mode that prioritises CPU and GPU to increase frame rate is one of the gaming improvements in Sonoma. With decreased latency for wireless controllers, speakers, and headsets, Apple is focusing on immersion. The greatest gaming news is that famed game designer Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece Death Stranding is coming to Macs later this year. Apple is luring developers with game dev kits and Metal 3, but that’s hardly the biggest gaming announcement. At the WWDC conference, Kojima stated, “We are actively working to bring our future titles to Apple platforms.”


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