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Edit Button on WhatsApp for Beta Users Discover How It Works

Being one of the most widely used messaging programmes worldwide, it is not surprising that WhatsApp is constantly seeking for new ways to improve the user experience. WhatsApp has been developing a new feature recently that would enable users to edit messages they’ve sent, enabling them to fix any typos or mistakes they may have made. Although the feature is still under beta testing, it is anticipated that all users will soon have access to it. The ‘Edit Message’ option on WhatsApp will be covered in more detail in this post, along with any information you should be aware of.How the ‘Edit Message’ Feature Works on WhatsApp.

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What’s the Process for the WhatsApp Edit Button?

With the ‘Edit Message’ option on WhatsApp, users can make text changes to messages they’ve already sent, but only for a limited period of time. After a message has been delivered, WhatsApp reportedly gives users 15 minutes to amend it. The recipient of a message will notice a ‘modified’ tag next to the time stamp, indicating that the message has been modified, once a user makes changes to it.

The WhatsApp edit button has various restrictions, it should be noted. Users have a limited window of time to make modifications to messages after they’ve been delivered, so they must move swiftly. Additionally, the receiver will be able to view the changed version if they have previously read the original letter, so it is crucial to be open and honest about any changes.

Users must first choose the message they want to change, then click the three dots that appear on the top right of the screen to access the ‘change Message’ option on WhatsApp. Under this menu, the edit button will be obscured. After selecting the edit option, the user can change the message’s content as necessary. The 15-minute time constraint is a strict restriction that cannot be surpassed, yet there appears to be no limit on the number of times a message can be modified.

Limitations of WhatsApp’s ‘Edit Message’ Feature

While App’s ‘Edit Message’ tool is unquestionably a helpful addition, there are some restrictions on how it operates. For starters, not all WhatsApp users have access to the function yet; it is currently only available to a small group of beta testers. Second, since the tool only works with text messages, users are unable to modify other types of material, including pictures or videos.

There is no method for users to view the previous iteration of the message, which is another restriction of this App’s “Edit Message” feature. There is no way for the receiver to view what the original message said, even though the ‘Edited’ tag shows that it has been edited. This means that users should use caution when altering messages to prevent unintentionally changing the message’s meaning.

Additionally, ‘Edit Message’ feature does not provide a confirmation that the message has been modified. The message may not be modified on the receiving end if the recipient does not switch on their device or is offline for a day or more. This could cause misconceptions or confusion between the sender and the recipient.

The ‘Edit Message’ function on WhatsApp is a good update that will let users fix any errors they might have made while sending messages, to sum up. Although it is not yet accessible to all users, it is anticipated to be implemented soon. To prevent misunderstandings or confusion, it is crucial for users to be aware of the feature’s restrictions and utilize it cautiously.

Overall, ‘Edit Message’ function is a helpful tool that will improve user experience. While the feature is being tested, users should be patient and wait for it to be made available to all users. Users can benefit from this new WhatsApp platform feature by carefully using it and being aware of its restrictions.


Users will soon be able to edit texts they’ve already sent thanks to a new feature that the App is currently working on. Although this function is still under beta testing, it is soon to be made available to all users. Users will have a limited window of opportunity to update content in messages they have previously sent using the edit message tool. According to reports, WhatsApp will offer users 15 minutes to amend a message after it has been sent. A “modified” tag will appear next to the time stamp of a message, notifying the receiver that it has been altered. The ability to alter messages does come with some restrictions, though. First off, the feature is currently only accessible to some WhatsApp users; it is not yet available to all users.


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