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Emoji Keyboard on WhatsApp Redesigned for a Better User Experience

Emoji Keyboard on WhatsApp has been Redesigned for a Better User Experience Messaging apps have dominated the world of digital communication and are now an essential part of our everyday life. They offer a practical and effective way to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. Texting provides benefits over regular phone calls, but it occasionally lacks the subtle emotional cues that come with in-person encounters. Emoji have become a potent tool for expressing emotions and providing context to our messages in order to close this gap.

In order to improve the messaging experience for its enormous user base, WhatsApp, one of the top messaging apps, is developing a new emoji keyboard after seeing the value of selecting the ideal emoji. In this post, we explore the impending updates to the WhatsApp emoji keyboard, such as the expected upgrades and the return of the emoji category bar.

The Development of the Emoji Keyboard in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has always worked to offer its consumers tools that are simple to use and intuitive. The messaging behemoth gave customers a sneak peek at its revamped emoji keyboard earlier this year. The early peek showed a keyboard interface in the form of a capsule with three tabs for rapid access to stickers, GIFs, and emoji. However, users had to browse endlessly through a huge selection of emoji alternatives in the early edition because there was no emoji category bar. It was assumed that the keyboard was still being developed and wasn’t yet accessible to beta testers as a result of this exclusion.

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The Emoji Category Bar Is Back

According to recent reports from WABetaInfo, a trustworthy source for WhatsApp updates, the upcoming WhatsApp version, which is already available on the Google Play Store, shows evidence of continuous work on the revamped emoji keyboard. The emoji category selection bar has made a welcome comeback in the new design, despite the fact that beta testers are not currently able to use it. The revised keyboard places the emoji category bar at the bottom instead of at the top as it does on the current layout. By providing easy access to different emoji categories, this tactical improvement seeks to save consumers important time.

It is not surprising that the emoji category bar has returned because it is likely that it was still in the works when it was first mentioned in April. Now that the revamped keyboard is almost finished, it will probably be made available to more beta testers soon. Users should expect a stable release later this year if the testing phase goes properly. Additionally, WhatsApp is developing to support new animated emoji, which will enhance the chat experience by introducing a dynamic element and allowing users to express themselves more creatively.

Additional Enhancements & Improvements

WhatsApp intends to bring a number of other improvements to the chat bar and keyboard in addition to the emoji category bar. The GIF and sticker tabs will be shifted upward as part of the makeover in order to better line them with the user’s typing position. The emoji keyboard button and attachment sharing buttons will also be moved to better match the design of WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp for iOS. The goal of these aesthetic adjustments is to deliver a constant and seamless user experience across all platforms and devices.


WhatsApp consistently works to enhance its platform and provide an unmatched user experience as a leader in the messaging app market. This dedication is demonstrated by the next revamp of the emoji keyboard, which will bring back the emoji category bar. Users may anticipate a more streamlined procedure for choosing the ideal emoji, improving their capacity to effectively express emotions and convey intents. WhatsApp makes sure that its newly designed keyboard satisfies the requirements of its sizable user base through continuous development and stringent testing.

It is thrilling to think about how these improvements will lead to a more engaging and expressive chat experience on WhatsApp as we eagerly await the official release. Watch this space for improvements and get ready to let your imagination run wild with WhatsApp’s revamped emoji keyboard!



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