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Exploring Android 14: Customizable Lock Screen Clocks, Single-App Screen Recording, and More

Android 14 is coming with customizable Lock Screen Clocks, Single-App Screen Recording, and more for users. Users are excited to learn about the new features and improvements that Google has in store for its well-known mobile operating system as anticipation for Android 14 grows. While Android 14’s initial beta version may not visibly change significantly from Android 13 on Pixel phones, our APK Insight team has identified a number of exciting additions that may be released soon. We will go into the specifics of these prospective enhancements in this article, including single-app screen recording, customizable lock screen timers, and more.

Customizable Lock Screen Clocks

A customizable lock screen clock is one of the eagerly anticipated features for Pixel phones. This feature was first seen in 2019 while Android 10 was being developed, however, it appears to have been dropped. But after Apple’s personalized lock screen clocks became popular, Google decided to try again and reintroduce the idea of customizable lock screen Clocks.

Our APK Insight team was able to completely enable the new customizable lock screen clocks functionality in the Wallpaper & Style applet with the first Android 14 Beta release. The customization choices are currently restricted to color and size. The brightness and size may both be altered by the user, and the size options include “Dynamic” and “Small.” But it is hoped that Google would increase these choices before the official launch of Android 14.

Customizable Lock Screen
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Single-App Screen Recording

In Android 14, screen recording will get an upgrade that will let users record just one app rather than their entire phone or tablet screen. This improvement would be especially helpful for programs like Google Meet and Discord where users frequently share their screens for varied purposes.

A new drop-down box will be added to the Android screen recording dialogue that will allow users to select between “Record entire screen” and “Record a single app.” By selecting the latter, users can navigate through their entire app drawer and get a list of the most recently used apps. Even if the user interface for single-app recording appears to be in place, it is currently not possible to record anything.

Customizable Lock Screen
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Lock Screen Shortcuts

The ability to customize shortcuts on Pixel phones’ lock screens is another intriguing new feature of Android 14. These shortcuts are currently restricted to Google Home and Google Wallet, but Google promises to add customization options in a later version of Android. The Android 13 version of the Nothing Phone (1) included this feature, which was improved with Android 14.

The left and right buttons on the lock screen can now be individually customized by users using the new “Shortcuts” option in the Wallpaper & Style app. You have a choice between “None,” “Video camera,” “Mute,” “Device controls,” “Camera,” and “Do Not Disturb.” This personalization enhances the lock screen experience with flexibility and ease, enabling users to instantly access their chosen apps or features.

Other Enhancements and Design Tweaks

The user experience has been improved by a number of additional enhancements and design changes in Android 14. A big redesign has been made to the Wallpaper & Style app, a component of Google’s Pixel Launcher, which includes the addition of two key tabs: “Lock screen” and “Home screen.” The custom clock, lock screen shortcuts, and a toggle for showing notifications are all available under the Lock screen tab. The Home screen menu, meanwhile, provides well-known choices for grid size modification, icon themes, color schemes, and wallpaper selection.

In addition, with Customizable Lock Screen Clocks and Single-App Screen Recording Android 14 expands on the previous “screenshot overlay” capability by adding a “minimized” clipboard overlay. With this version, the clipboard overlay should be less distracting, particularly when the on-screen keyboard is in use. Users can tap a small, rounded-rectangle-shaped button that initially appears to view the full clipboard preview rather than using up valuable screen real estate.


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