Of all the free Epic Games Store games given away this year, the most recent game is one of the best freebies in months. It’s also not a new game; the game in question is Fallout New Vegas, the critically praised Fallout game released in 2010. Instead of only offering gamers the main game, Epic Games has made the deal even sweeter by including Fallout New Vegas – Ultimate Edition, which includes a higher level cap and four other DLCs to sample.


The Redemption Process Is Simple

As with any of these Epic Games Store freebies, the redemption process is straightforward. Simply launch the Epic Games Launcher or go to the desktop version of the shop, sign in to your account, and claim the game. Because the game is almost ten years old, it takes almost no specifications or storage space to download, so if you haven’t played it before or haven’t gotten the Ultimate Edition, it’s a no-brainer to add this to your library.

A Fan-Favorite RPG

Of all the Fallout games, Fallout: New Vegas is usually pitted against Fallout 3 when people debate which is the greatest, so to say it’s a fan favorite is an understatement. It’s no surprise that fans are continuously urging the game’s makers, Obsidian Entertainment, to collaborate with Bethesda again on a sequel. The makers of Fallout New Vegas are open to returning Fallout at some time, but that willingness is only a small portion of the far greater project that a Fallout New Vegas sequel would be.

Dive into the DLCs

If you’ve previously played Fallout: New Vegas but never completed all of the DLCs, it’s recommended to claim this version of the game now so you can give them a try later. The four DLCs are detailed below, and because you’re receiving them all, the level maximum in Fallout New Vegas is raised to 50 to give your character more room to grow.

Fallout New Vegas

Dead Money: Lured into a trap disguised as the Sierra Madre Casino, you are forced into a high-stakes game in which you must collaborate with three other lost souls to escape.

Honest Hearts: When an excursion into Utah’s Zion National Park goes horribly wrong, you find yourself embroiled in a tribal battle and pitted against a New Canaanite missionary and the enigmatic Burning Man.

Old World Blues: After being transported to the Big MT research crater, the Think Tank enlists you to save them from their own science experiments that have gone horribly wrong.

Lonesome Road: Ulysses, the original Courier Six, finds you and promises to explain why he refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the outset of Fallout New Vegas if you undertake one last voyage into the perilous gorges of the Divide.

With its included DLCs and other content packs, Fallout New Vegas – Ultimate Edition provides a comprehensive post-apocalyptic roleplaying experience.

Get Fallout New Vegas – Ultimate Edition While It’s Still Available:

Fallout New Vegas – Ultimate Edition will be available for free on the Epic Games Store until next Thursday when it will be replaced by a new freebie. Don’t pass up the opportunity to play this engrossing and critically acclaimed RPG.

Fallout: New Vegas – A Timeless Classic Deserving of Your Time

Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout New Vegas is a spinoff of Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. Many fans see it as the best 3D Fallout game because of its distinct environment, good storytelling, and greater freedom than Fallout 3. The Ultimate Edition also includes all of the DLC and a slew of new weaponry.

What to Expect Next After Claiming Free Games on the Epic Games Store

All you need is an Epic Games account to download the free games from the Epic Games Store. If you don’t already have one, you can get one for free by signing up on their website. Once signed in, go to the game’s store page, click the “GET” button, and follow the instructions to add the game for free to your account. Every Thursday at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET, the Epic Games Store updates its freebies.


Don’t pass up the chance to explore the intriguing wasteland of Fallout New Vegas, which is currently accessible for free on the Epic Games Store. This legendary RPG is a must-have for any gaming collection because of its engrossing gameplay, captivating plot, and inclusion of all DLCs and additional content packs. Get your book today and embark on a thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure!

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February 23 – March 2: Duskers

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January 12 – January 19: First Class Trouble, Gamedec – Definitive Edition, Divine Knockout

January 5 – January 12: Kerbal Space Program, Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice

December 29, 2022 – January 5: Dishonored – Definitive Edition, Eximus: Seize the Frontline


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