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Google Play Movies & TV Bids Goodbye: How to Access the Content You’ve Bought

The much-loved movie and TV rental and purchase platform, Google Play Movies & TV, is officially closing. Even though the app has been unavailable for some time on different platforms, users of iOS and Android have been able to access it up until recently. But starting on January 17, 2024, users will be switched to Google TV as the app is completely phased out.

But do not worry! You won’t be able to access any previously purchased content as a result of this. Google has made sure you can continue to enjoy your favorite films and television shows by implementing a smooth transition plan.

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Getting to Your Purchased Content of Google Play Movies

Depending on your device, all you have to do to get to your purchased content is open YouTube or the Google TV app. This is an explanation:

Android Television and Media Players:

  • Open the Google TV app and select the “Shop” tab.
  • To view all of your purchased content—including rentals that are currently in progress—find the “Your Library” row.

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Cable Boxes or Set-Top Boxes powered by Android TV:

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Your purchased content, including active rentals, will be readily available for viewing.

Web Browser:

  • Visit the YouTube website.
  • Access your purchased content, including active rentals, through the YouTube interface.

Simplifying the Entertainment Landscape

With this move, Google is attempting to bring all of its entertainment products under one Google TV platform. This action is a reflection of Apple’s strategy with its TV app, which combines the ability to rent and purchase films and TV series with Apple TV Plus content. Google intends to provide a more cohesive and user-friendly entertainment experience by simplifying its platform.

The following are important updates to remember:

  • Beginning on January 17, 2024: Content from Google Movies & TV is no longer available for purchase.
  • Purchase content: To get new films and TV series, use Google TV or YouTube.
  • Previously purchased content: Access all your purchased content, including active rentals, on the following platforms:
  1. Android TV devices
  2. Google TV devices
  3. Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS)
  4. YouTube

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Moving Forward with Google TV

The transition to Google TV offers several advantages:

  • One location to access all of your streaming services, TV series, and movies is with a unified platform.
  • Personalized suggestions: Receive suggestions that are tailored to your tastes and watching habits.
  • Integration of live TV: In addition to your on-demand media, watch live TV.

Although there may be some initial discomfort associated with the departure of Google Play Movies & TV, the move to Google TV ultimately promises a more simplified and user-friendly experience. Accept the shift, explore the new platform, and easily rediscover your favorite content again.


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