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Instagram Outage, Causing a Stir on Social Media

The Instagram outage left countless users puzzled. Individuals worldwide voiced their complaints, lamenting over errors like “Couldn’t refresh the feed.” As the cause of the outage remains elusive, efforts to seek clarifications from Meta have been initiated, awaiting a response to update this ongoing story.

Reports have flooded in, indicating that Instagram is indeed experiencing issues, with its services being inaccessible to numerous users. The problems primarily afflict the website, not the app, which seems to remain relatively unaffected.

On, an online service performance monitoring platform, an overwhelming surge of user-generated reports pinpointed the outage’s occurrence at approximately 1 pm.

Users attempting to access were met with a persistent spinning wheel, rendering their feeds devoid of any posts or Stories.

Interestingly, the application version of Instagram appeared to function normally, evading the same troubles troubling its web counterpart.

Taking to the platform formerly known as Twitter (now X), frustrated users expressed their displeasure at yet another occurrence of Instagram’s recurring outage.

Instagram Outage
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One individual humorously wrote, “‘Me apologizing to my Wi-Fi after realizing Instagram is down.'”

Another user added, “‘People coming to Twitter to check whether Instagram is down again.'”

A third person creatively stated, “‘Me turning my Wi-Fi on and off seven times but it was just #instagramdown.'”

Boasting over 2.35 billion active users monthly, Instagram stands as one of the most beloved social media platforms globally, being owned by Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

However, the Meta-owned Instagram is grappling with an outage spanning multiple locations. Despite the dearth of comprehensive information regarding the cause and affected services, this situation has triggered a meme fest on Twitter.

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Instagram Outage: A Familiar Tale

This marks the third time this month that Instagram, the beloved social media giant, has suffered a colossal outage, leaving numerous users struggling to access its diverse features. As reports indicate, over 52,000 users have reported facing difficulties with the app and web interface. The issue appears widespread, spanning various regions worldwide, exhibiting no signs of localization to a specific server. Though the reason behind this recurring outage remains shrouded in mystery, some users now affirm that the platform is gradually recovering.

As per Downdetector, the issue first surfaced at 8:28 AM IST on July 25, peaking around 8:47 AM when over 52,000 users reported the problem. The reports divulge that 84% faced issues accessing the app, 10% struggled with the website, and 6% encountered difficulties viewing their feeds.

Instagram Outage
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A Series of Struggles

Instagram has faced several challenges recently. The first instance occurred on July 11 when all Meta platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, suffered a collective outage lasting a couple of hours. Subsequently, on July 20, Instagram experienced another disruption, though impacting fewer users and regions.

Today, July 25, the platform witnessed yet another significant downturn, affecting a staggering 52,000 users. Independent verification confirmed that Instagram’s stories, feeds, and DMs were all rendered inaccessible, with the homepage loading proving futile. No official statement has been released by the company, leaving the reason behind these recurring outages unresolved. However, some speculate that the launch of Threads may have triggered server issues, impacting both mammoth platforms.

Instagram Outage
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Users Turn to Twitter for Air Grievances

As always, users flocked to Twitter, now affectionately known as X, to voice their frustrations. One user shared, “I am trying to upload a post on Instagram. After trying 50th time, I checked Twitter, and that’s when I discovered Instagram was down.”

Another lamented, “Instagram had me signing out and checking my Wi-Fi, lmao, only to realize the Instagram outage occurred again.”

Update: A Ray of Hope Emerges

In recent developments, reports indicate that Instagram is in the process of resolving the issue, as some users have begun reporting the restoration of services.

Finally, Instagram outages continue to puzzle and disrupt its vast user base, prompting a surge of complaints on Twitter (X). While the reasons behind these interruptions remain still unknown, the meme-filled frenzy persists as the platform strives to recover its stability.


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