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Instagrams New Feature : ‘Backdrop’ Revolutionizes Story Creation

Instagrams New Feature ‘Backdrop’: Instagram, a well-known social media site owned by Meta, has debuted “Backdrop,” a game-changing feature. This revolutionary technology uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to give users a smooth way to change the background of their images with a few taps and creative prompts.

The “Backdrop” feature is revealed by Ahmad Al-Dahle.

This ground-breaking function was introduced by Ahmad Al-Dahle, who leads Meta’s generative AI team. Al-Dahle said, “With backdrop, you can reimagine your image’s background with just a few taps and a prompt like ‘chased by dinosaurs’ or’surrounded by puppies’ to create an entirely new image for your Story,” via Meta’s X, which is similar to Twitter.

Using Instagrams New Feature ‘Backdrop’ Tool

Users must first upload or record content for their Story in order to use this feature. The “Backdrop” button is a rectangle frame with an icon of a person within that is prominently displayed atop the Story creation window. When you tap this icon, the background of the shot changes to a checkerboard pattern that looks like it was created with photo editing software. Users have the opportunity to choose from a range of prompts, like ‘On a red carpet,’ ‘Being chased by dinosaurs,’ and ‘Surrounded by puppies,’ and the background will change accordingly.

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Instagram’s Template Innovations

Instagram has unveiled yet another set of cutting-edge features: themes for Stories and Reels that appeal to users’ artistic tendencies. “Add Yours” allows you to add GIFs, text, and images to templates so that you can create a community sharing platform. This tool encourages user participation and creativity by allowing users to personalize and share their modified templates worldwide.

Creating Templates for Stories with Instagrams New Feature ‘Add Yours’

Users can create customized templates for Stories with the use of the instagrams new feature ‘Add Yours’ option. Once users have added text, photographs, and GIFs to their tales, they can choose the ‘Add Yours templates’ option to curate and share their own templates with other people. The purpose of this function is to improve user creativity and interaction within the Instagram community.

Instagrams New Feature

AI-Powered Innovations and Tools

Artificial intelligence-driven backdrop editing capabilities and sticker creation features are part of Instagram’s ongoing progress. With the help of these tools, users can make prompt-driven image backdrop transformations. To further enhance the storytelling experience, the app also lets users design custom stickers using text prompts.


Instagram has introduced innovative features like “Backdrop” and template customization as part of its ongoing effort to develop and improve the user experience. These tools encourage community involvement and connection on the site in addition to allowing users to express their creativity.


Q. 1. How does ‘Backdrop’ on Instagram work?

A. 1. ‘Backdrop’ allows users to change image backgrounds through prompts like ‘chased by dinosaurs’ or ‘surrounded by puppies,’ facilitating creative story creation.

Q. 2. Can users customize Instagram templates?

A. 2. Yes, the ‘Add Yours’ feature permits users to add GIFs, text, and images to templates, fostering personalization and sharing.

Q. 3. What are the benefits of Instagram’s AI-powered tools?

A. 3. The AI-powered tools facilitate background editing and sticker creation, offering users prompt-driven alterations and personalized sticker creation options.

Q. 4. Where can users access Instagram’s new features?

A. 4. The features like ‘Backdrop’ and template customization are available within the Instagram Story creation interface.

Q. 5. How does instagrams new feature ‘Backdrop’ contribute to Instagram’s storytelling experience?

A. 5. ‘Backdrop’ empowers users to transform image backgrounds with imaginative prompts, enhancing storytelling capabilities on the platform.


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