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“iPhone Users Rejoice: Sending High-Quality Videos on WhatsApp Just Got Better”

The massive social networking app WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta (previously Facebook), has made a significant improvement to the iPhone users experience by enabling the sharing of full-quality, uncompressed photos, and videos. This major update comes after the 4K resolution feature was introduced a few months ago, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to giving users the best multimedia-sharing experience possible.

Transforming WhatsApp’s Multimedia Sharing By iPhone Users

Thanks to the highly anticipated feature, WhatsApp users—especially those with iPhone users—can now send full photos and videos without compromising on quality. It is planned for iOS devices to receive the first release first, followed by Android devices, so users on both platforms can anticipate a flawless and fantastic experience.

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Evolution of WhatsApp’s Media Features

To maintain its lead in the ever-evolving social media landscape, Meta has been leading the engineering changes made to WhatsApp since August. The 4K resolution feature was first released, working with both iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp ( and, respectively). But the most recent version, 23.24.73, does more than just reduce file compression—it lets users send images and videos with zero compression.

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Latest WhatsApp Version Unveiled

Users, particularly those who own iPhones, can now enjoy sending videos and images completely without compression on Apple devices after updating to version 23.24.73. This innovative feature becomes active when the user selects the “Document” option rather than the default “Photo and Video Library.” Along with these new features, the update adds unique responses to messages based on users’ avatars and speech bubbles that indicate missed calls.

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Simple Steps for Quality Retention

The process is simple for iPhone users who are eager to take full advantage of this newfound capability. Users can send files without compression by choosing “Document” after tapping the “+” button next to the text input. This allows users to choose between sending photos or videos. Nevertheless, there is a 2GB file size cap per message. This feature is currently only available on iOS, but it should soon be available on Android devices as well.

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Awaiting the Release of Android

Android users can soon expect a similar experience, while iPhone users relish the glory of sending uncompressed media. In the past, new features that are released for iOS users quickly find their way to Android, guaranteeing a seamless user experience between the two platforms.

Beyond Uncompressed Media: The Two New Features on WhatsApp

Three additional features are included with WhatsApp, in addition to the game-changing update for media sharing. With the new ‘avatar’ feature, users can quickly respond to status updates and start voice chats without ringing everyone in large groups. They can also enjoy the new animated bubbles that indicate calls. Because these features are being released gradually, users are more excited about their impending arrival.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s commitment to user satisfaction is evident in these feature-rich updates. iPhone users, in particular, can now share their precious moments in full resolution, unhampered by compression. As technology continues to evolve, WhatsApp adapts, ensuring that users remain at the forefront of multimedia-sharing capabilities.


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