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MacBook Air 15-Inch: Specifications, Pricing, and Availability

Apple presented its latest addition to the MacBook Air lineup—the all-new MacBook Air 15-Inch—at the highly anticipated WWDC 2023 event. This compact and fast laptop is equipped with remarkable features such as the M2 Apple Silicon CPU, a brilliant Liquid Retina display, and an 18-hour battery life. In this post, we will go over the characteristics, pricing, and availability of the new MacBook Air 15-Inch, as well as why it is a game changer in the world of portable computing.

The 15-Inch MacBook Air Is a Visual Treat

The MacBook Air 15-Inch keeps its predecessors’ classic design, with a small and lightweight profile that makes it very portable. The new MacBook Air oozes sophistication and flair in four stunning color options: midnight, starlight, silver, and space grey. Its Liquid Retina display, with a brightness of 500 nits and support for 1 billion colors, produces breathtaking pictures. The 5mm low bezels increase the immersive viewing experience, while a 1080p camera offers high-quality video conversations and conferencing.

MacBook Air 15
@image: Apple

Unleashing the Potential of Apple’s M2 Silicon

The breakthrough M2 Apple Silicon chip powers the MacBook Air 15-Inch. This custom-designed processor has an 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficient cores for the optimum combination of power and energy economy. The M2 processor, which includes a 10-core GPU and a 16-core Neural Engine, provides remarkable graphics performance as well as powerful machine-learning capabilities. On this new MacBook Air, users can expect lightning-fast performance, smooth multitasking, and increased productivity.

Pricing and Availability

The 15-inch MacBook Air with M2 is now available for purchase on the Apple website and in Apple Stores. On Tuesday, June 13, shipping and availability will begin. The 15-inch MacBook Air starts at Rs 1,34,900 in India, with an education pricing option available at Rs 1,24,900. The MacBook Air M2 13-Inch, which was reduced in price following the release of the 15-Inch variant, is now more reasonable.

Impossibly Slim and Light

Apple takes pride in the MacBook Air 15-Inch’s remarkable mobility. This laptop establishes a new milestone for slimness in the 15-inch category, measuring only 11.5mm thin. It is not only extremely thin but also lighter than most comparable PC laptops, weighing only 1.496kg (3.3 pounds). The MacBook Air 15-Inch is intended for people who value both power and mobility, and it provides an ideal mix of performance and ease.

MacBook Air 15
@image: Apple

Improved Connectivity and Audio Quality

The MacBook Air 15-Inch includes MagSafe charging, a popular feature among Apple fans. It also has two Thunderbolt ports, which allow for seamless connectivity with a variety of devices and compatibility for up to a 6K external monitor. The laptop also retains the 3.5mm headphone connector, allowing users to connect their preferred audio devices. The presence of six speakers and support for spatial audio demonstrates Apple’s focus on creating an immersive audio experience, ensuring rich sound quality for media consumption, video calls, and more.


The release of the MacBook Air 15-Inch signals a watershed moment for Apple and the MacBook Air family. This laptop redefines portable computing with its flawless design, beautiful Retina display, and powerful M2 Apple Silicon CPU. The longer battery life, improved networking options, and superior audio experience make it a versatile device appropriate for a wide range of users, whether for work, entertainment, or creative endeavors. The MacBook Air 15-Inch is a testament to Apple’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and pushing the boundaries of what a laptop can offer as it continues to innovate. With its remarkable capabilities, the new MacBook Air 15-Inch cements its position as a market leader in the competitive ultraportable laptop industry.


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