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Messaging App Telegram Set to Launch Stories Feature: Enhancing User Experience and Social Connectivity

Telegram, the popular messaging app, is gearing up to launch its own version of Stories next month, in response to persistent user demands. After initially hesitating due to the ubiquity of Stories on other platforms, Telegram decided to heed its users’ requests and innovate on existing formats. This upcoming Stories feature on Telegram promises to offer unique elements that will enhance privacy, customization, and user experience.

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Stories with Enhanced Privacy and Customization of Messaging App Telegram

Users will have complete discretion over who can access their stories, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy. They have the option to choose whether they want their tales to be available to everyone, just their contacts (with some exclusions), a particular subset of contacts, or a list of close friends. Users are given the ability to share their tales with targeted audiences while keeping their sense of privacy and control because of this level of personalization.

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Compact and Accessible User Interface

Messaging App Telegram’s Stories will be seamlessly integrated into the chat list, occupying an expandable section at the top. This design allows users to access stories conveniently without compromising valuable screen space. The compact user interface ensures a streamlined experience while navigating through chats and engaging with stories.

Flexibility and Effective Management

Messaging App Telegram users will have the flexibility to hide stories posted by any contact, reducing clutter on the main screen. By moving hidden stories to a dedicated “Hidden” list in the Contacts section, users can prioritize the content they wish to see, ensuring a more organized and personalized user experience.

Creative Features and Dual Camera Support

Apart from offering powerful photo and video-editing tools, Messaging App Telegram’s Stories will allow users to add captions, context, and links, and tag other individuals in their stories. This feature will enhance the storytelling potential and facilitate greater interaction among users. Moreover, Telegram’s Stories will support dual camera functionality, enabling users to capture photos and videos simultaneously with both the front and rear cameras, fostering more creative and immersive content creation.

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Customizable Story Lifespan

Users will have the option to choose the lifespan of their stories, with expiration periods ranging from 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Alternatively, users can select a permanent display on their profile page, similar to Instagram’s Story highlights. This customization empowers users to determine the visibility and longevity of their stories, aligning with their individual preferences and content strategy.

Benefits for Channels and Profile Enhancement

Reposting messages from channels to stories will soon be possible on Messaging App Telegram, giving channel owners additional exposure and the chance to attract more followers. Additionally, individuals may exhibit their material and give a thorough picture of their interests by storing stories on their profile pages. This enables others to explore and engage with their stories more efficiently.


Telegram’s upcoming Stories feature is set to revolutionize the user experience on the platform, providing enhanced privacy controls, a compact UI, flexible management options, creative features, and customizable story lifespans. By listening to user feedback and innovating on existing formats, Messaging App Telegram aims to create a more interactive and social environment for its users. The introduction of Stories will not only benefit individual users but also provide new opportunities for channel owners to expand their reach and engagement. With its imminent launch in early July, Telegram’s Stories feature is poised to add a new dimension to the platform’s communication and content-sharing capabilities.


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