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Microsoft Unveils Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Controller, Xbox Headset, and More

Microsoft has officially launched the Starfield Limited Edition controller and headset, increasing its selection of special edition Xbox peripherals. These new accessories are inspired by the widely anticipated game Starfield and feature a one-of-a-kind design that encapsulates the excitement of space travel. Microsoft is also releasing the Xbox Series S in a sleek Carbon Black color variation with 1TB of storage, in addition to the controller and headset. The characteristics and availability of the Starfield Limited Edition accessories and the Xbox Series S are discussed in this article.

Starfield Limited Edition Controller: Immerse Yourself in Space Exploration

The Starfield Limited Edition controller is the newest in Microsoft’s line of limited edition controllers for Xbox Series X and S consoles. This controller costs $79.99 and is inspired by components from the Starfield game. The sleek grey and gold accents match the Starfield insignia flawlessly, and the textured hand grips improve comfort and control during games. The innovative design of the controller intends to immerse gamers in the immersive realm of space exploration.

Starfield Limited Edition
@image: Xbox

Starfield Limited Edition Headset: Immerse Yourself in Rich Audio

The Starfield Limited Edition headset works in tandem with the Starfield Limited Edition controller. This limited edition version, based on the well-received Xbox Wireless headset, adds the Starfield theme to your audio experience. The headgear, which costs $124.99, has a design that matches the controller, resulting in a unified and immersive gaming setup. This headset, with its high-quality audio and wireless connectivity, allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in the enthralling universe of Starfield.

Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch: A Functional and Stylish Companion

Bethesda, the game’s creator, has included a special Starfield-branded watch as part of the collector’s edition version of the game, in addition to the controller and headset. The actual watch, known as the ‘Constellation Explorers Watch,’ is modeled after the in-game compass and provides environmental data for planets. The watch may also communicate with your phone, allowing you to receive notifications and other pertinent information. This watch is encased in a visually appealing design inspired by the astronauts in the game and acts as a functional and stylish companion for Starfield fans.

Starfield Limited Edition
@image: Xbox

Xbox Series S in Carbon Black: A Stylish and Compact Console

Microsoft is expanding its console selection with the release of a new Carbon Black color variation of the Xbox Series S. This sleek and tiny console has 1TB of storage, which allows gamers to keep a large library of games. The Xbox Series S is now available for global pre-order at $349.99 on and, with an official release date of September 1. The Xbox Series S, with its powerful performance and sleek style, provides a superb gaming experience for both casual and serious players.

The Future of Gaming: Flight Simulator and Game Pass Integration

Microsoft is continuously pushing gaming technology’s boundaries, and the corporation is delighted to announce the imminent release of a new Flight Simulator game. This highly anticipated simulator uses cutting-edge simulation, cloud computing, machine learning, graphics, and gaming technologies to produce a completely realistic and awe-inspiring flight experience.

Starfield Limited Edition
@image: Xbox

Furthermore, Microsoft intends to improve Game Pass customers’ gaming experiences by allowing them to stream certain PC titles from the library via Nvidia GeForce NOW. This integration will give players more choice and convenience by allowing them to access a diverse range of games across many platforms.


Microsoft continues to provide players with unique and elegant peripherals and consoles with the release of the Starfield Limited Edition controller, headset, and Xbox Series S in Carbon Black. The Starfield Limited Edition accessories embody the spirit of space travel while also providing an immersive gameplay experience. With its compact size and excellent performance, the Xbox Series S is an appealing alternative for gamers. The upcoming Flight Simulator game and the integration of Game Pass with Nvidia GeForce NOW demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to innovation. Microsoft continues at the forefront of the gaming business, providing interesting and engaging experiences to players worldwide.


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