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Moment 3 Update for Windows 11: Adding New Features to Improve User Experience

The Windows 11 Moment 3 update from Microsoft is now out, delivering a number of new features and improvements aimed at improving the user experience. Windows 11 keeps improving and adapting to user needs, from enhanced accessibility options to refined system tray functions. In this post, we’ll examine the Moment 3 update’s specifics, including the addition of live captions in more languages, a new in-app voice access command help page, improved voice access command support for different English dialects, and other noteworthy improvements. We will also talk about Microsoft’s modular update strategy and potential Start menu upgrades in the future.

Additional Languages with Live Captions

Windows 11’s live captions feature now supports more languages with the Moment 3 update. Users may now access live captions in a number of languages, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Korean, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese, as well as numerous English dialects. Users can easily enable this function by using the keyboard shortcut WIN + Ctrl + L or by going to the Quick Settings accessibility flyout menu. Live captions in a variety of languages increase inclusion and improve user interaction with multimedia material.

Moment 3 Update
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Voice Access Command Help Page in Moment 3 Update

The voice access command help page in Windows 11 Moment 3 has been updated and now offers better usability and accessibility. Every voice access command is now fully described and illustrated on the revised help page, enabling users to utilize their devices more conveniently. A search bar has also been included, allowing users to discover particular instructions for their intended tasks quickly. The addition of new categories improves assistance even more, making it simpler for users to find pertinent commands and utilize voice access to its fullest extent. The updated help page for the in-app voice access command ensures a better user experience and encourages effective communication with Windows 11.

Support for More Voice Access Commands in English Dialects

A wider variety of English dialects are now supported by voice access commands in Windows 11 Moment 3. There are now voice access instructions available for users in countries like the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia that are specifically catered to their local linguistic differences. Users from various English-speaking regions can now enjoy a more individualized and inclusive experience thanks to this expansion. Windows 11 caters to a variety of user communities and strengthens its commitment to global accessibility by accepting a larger range of dialects.

Moment 3 Update
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Important Additions In Moment 3 Update

Voice Access Commands, VPN Status Icon, Text Selection and Editing, and System Tray Clock For Windows 11 users, the Moment 3 update adds a number of important changes that improve functionality and convenience. First of all, new voice access commands for text selection and editing provide users more control over their material by making actions like highlighting, copying, and pasting text easier to perform.

In the system tray, a VPN status symbol has also been added, enabling users to easily manage and monitor their VPN connections. Users can now quickly see their VPN status thanks to the improved visibility and accessibility of this tiny shield indicator.

The Moment 3 update provides the option to display seconds on the system tray clock in response to user input. Users can customize their system tray clock to suit their tastes and get more accurate timekeeping by using this new personalization tool.

Modular Updates and Start Menu Improvements

Microsoft has changed its strategy for updating Windows 11 significantly, moving towards a single big release every year. This adjustment lowers the frequency of required feature updates, improving the caliber of updates. Microsoft hopes to bring new features in addition to the yearly upgrades, though. The company is launching specialized updates, dubbed “Experience Packs,” which concentrate on particular features.

To improve the Start menu and send upgrades straight from the cloud, for instance, the “Online Service Experience Pack” is being evaluated. This method enables the Start menu and other Windows components to receive more frequent and focused improvements. Users should anticipate more options for personalization, improved animations, and other enhancements that improve the Start menu experience.


With the Windows 11 Moment 3 update, Microsoft has demonstrated its dedication to improving user experience and meeting user needs. Microsoft is committed to accessibility and usability as evidenced by the addition of live captioning in more languages, a revamped voice access command help page, enhanced voice access command support for English dialects, and other noteworthy features. Additionally, the modular update strategy and emphasis on Start menu enhancements point to a more flexible and user-focused upgrade procedure. Users may anticipate a more individualized, natural, and delightful computing experience as Windows 11 develops. Keep checking back for more information as Microsoft develops and enhances Windows 11’s features.


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