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Notebook Feature of Microsoft Copilot: Unveiling New Horizons


  • 1. Microsoft Copilot’s Breakthrough: The most recent update brings ‘Notebook,’ doubling character limits and functioning on its own for improved user engagement.
  • 2. Phased Rollout: Copilot Notebook is made available to users over days to weeks, with the availability being rolled out gradually to ensure a controlled deployment process.
  • 3. Coding Advancements: With the first version currently in use and a full version on the horizon, Code Interpreter enhances Copilot’s coding capabilities.
  • 4. Exactness in Search: GPT-4 Turbo increases Copilot’s comprehension of user input with greater accuracy, and Deep Search and other features improve search queries to yield more pertinent results.
  • 5. Multimodal Processing: To further highlight Copilot’s adaptability and effectiveness, users can now incorporate photos into their search queries thanks to its support for multimodal processing.

With AI constantly changing, Microsoft Copilot keeps redefining the user experience. This AI pair programmer now has a revolutionary feature called “Notebook.” Let’s examine this addition’s revolutionary details in more detail.

Microsoft Copilot’s Notebook Feature

The character limit in Microsoft Copilot’s “Notebook” has been increased significantly, to 16,000 characters. This four-fold increase outperforms both Copilot and ChatGPT, allowing the user to fine-tune prompts and provide more information.

Design and Usability

The Notebook function runs on its own and exists as a separate feature from the main Copilot interface. Prompts are displayed on the left panel of the layout, and results appear on the right panel without any interruption. Users can easily change prompts to accomplish desired results, which gives interaction a new level of complexity.

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Availability and Rollout

Although Copilot Notebook will be freely accessible to all, Microsoft is rolling it out gradually. A few days to weeks may pass before users are granted access, demonstrating the company’s dedication to a seamless and regulated rollout.

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Copilot’s Code Interpreter

Microsoft is pushing the envelope in the field of coding with the release of Code Interpreter in Copilot. A full version is expected to be released shortly after the first version rollout. This development demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to offering developers state-of-the-art tools.

Copilot for Microsoft365

This software helps businesses, including well-known names in the sector like Pfizer, Accenture, Chevron, and Visa. Feedback from users shows a clear improvement in output and caliber of work, confirming Copilot’s status as a useful tool.

Microsoft’s Investment in AI

Microsoft’s EVP of Business Development, Christopher Young, highlights the company’s dedication to AI. Models-as-a-service and APIs on the Azure platform are just two aspects of their strategy; Copilot is just another. Microsoft sees widespread use of AI development in the future.

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Update from Microsoft Corp.

The most recent iteration of OpenAI’s premier language model, GPT-4 Turbo, is now available for use with Microsoft Copilot. This update improves Copilot’s comprehension of user instructions, which is especially helpful for jobs that call for accuracy, like code generation.

The Deep Search function

The update comes with the addition of Deep Search, a feature that makes use of GPT-4’s capabilities. It broadens search terms and offers more in-depth explanations for pertinent outcomes. Bing evaluates ten times more content when using Deep Search, which produces results that are tailored for difficult subjects.

Code Interpreter and Data Science Tasks

The main tool for data science tasks is the Code Interpreter, which can generate code and carry out operations like averaging values in a spreadsheet column. By enhancing the effectiveness of data science tasks, its integration with Azure Container Apps highlights Microsoft’s dedication to AI in real-world applications.

Processing in Multiple Modes

Multimodal processing is supported as part of Copilot’s evolution. Now that DALL-E 3 has been updated, users can include photos in their search queries, and the improved image quality corresponds better with user descriptions. Copilot demonstrates its versatility in Edge by providing answers to questions regarding videos and creating summaries.

Improved Edge Capabilities

With Copilot, Microsoft Edge gets more features like summarising content and responding to inquiries about videos. Copilot can automatically rewrite specific paragraphs when a user is viewing a webpage, which adds convenience to the browsing experience.


Finally, the most recent additions to Microsoft Copilot mark the beginning of a new era in AI support. With innovations like the Notebook feature and the improved Edge capabilities, Copilot keeps making work easier and increasing user productivity. Microsoft’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology is evident in its investment in AI.


Q. 1. Is the Copilot Notebook instantly available to all users?

A. 1. Since Copilot Notebook is being released by Microsoft gradually, it may take a few days or weeks before all users can access the feature.

Q. 2. What are the main advantages of utilizing the “Notebook” feature in Copilot?

A. 2. By extending character limits, the Notebook feature enables users to enter more data and fine-tune prompts.

Q. 3. What is the role of Code Interpreter in Copilot’s data science tasks?

A. 3. Code Interpreter uses Python in Azure Container Apps for smooth execution to generate code and carry out data science tasks.

Q. 4. How does Deep Search enhance search results, and what is it?

A. 4. GPT-4-powered Deep Search broadens search terms to include more detailed descriptions, producing more pertinent and effective results.

Q. 5. Can code be generated for multiple programming languages using Copilot?

A. 5. Yes, Copilot’s versatility for developers is increased by its ability to help with code generation in various programming languages.


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