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OnePlus Pad Review and Comparison: Unlocking the Potential

With the arrival of the OnePlus Cushion, the organization’s latest tablet, it has had a huge effect on the lookout. This Android tablet, which costs Rs 37999, challenges Apple and Samsung’s authority in the tablet market with a mix of very good quality highlights and reasonableness.

The Well-Known Tale of OnePlus’s Heritage

To fully appreciate the significance of the OnePlus Pad, one must comprehend the evolution of the OnePlus brand. Renowned for providing high-end features at cost-effective prices, OnePlus revolutionised the smartphone industry a decade prior. This pattern has changed in recent years, though, with OnePlus phones becoming less unique and more expensive than their Samsung counterparts.

OnePlus Pad
@image: OnePlus

The OnePlus Pad: A Reminiscent Comeback

The Pad seems to be a return to the brand’s origins, in contrast to the direction that OnePlus smartphones have taken. With its remarkable 11.6-inch screen, outstanding performance, and elegant design, the OnePlus Pad makes a splash in a crowded market.

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Specifications and Cost: An Advantage Over Others

The OnePlus Pad presents itself as an attractive alternative to high-end tablets from Apple and Samsung at a price point that undercuts them. With a refresh rate of 144 Hz, its 2800 x 2000 pixel LCD rivals the iPad Pro and Tab S8, offering a visually engaging experience.

Why Aspect Ratio Is Important: A Careful Design Decision

OnePlus Pad
@image: OnePlus

OnePlus’s use of a distinctive 7:5 aspect ratio shows that it understands the user experience. This choice makes it possible for the Pad to function well in both landscape and portrait modes, something that other Android tablet makers frequently fail to accomplish.

Audiovisual Pleasure: Clarity of Image and Sound

A notable feature of the Pad is its display, which boasts deep blacks, brilliant colours, and excellent viewing angles. The sound is supplemented by a fourfold speaker framework that upholds Dolby Atmos, which upgrades the astonishing visuals. For certain clients, however, the absence of a 3.5mm earphone jack could be a weakness.

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Design and Ergonomics: A Comfortable Grip

OnePlus chooses rounded sides and a soft-feeling metal finish over the industry trend of flat sides and sharp edges. Because of its well-balanced weight and comfortable grip, this design decision helps make the tablet ideal for prolonged use.

OnePlus Pad
@image: OnePlus

Camera Capabilities: A Quick Overview of Features

The 13-megapixel primary camera and 8-megapixel front camera on the OnePlus Pad provide a respectable quality of photography experience. The centre-aligned rear camera and the exclusive dark green colour option add a touch of uniqueness, even though they are not the main features of tablets.

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Opportunities for Development: Productivity Factors

The OnePlus Pad performs poorly on tasks that are productivity-focused, despite its advantages. Although included, the keyboard and stylus accessories are of a lower calibre than those offered by Apple or Samsung. Other options may be more appropriate for users who prioritise productivity.

Conclusion: A Meritorious Spectator in the Tablet Space

The OnePlus Pad is a strong rival, particularly for people searching for an Android tablet for recreational purposes. It might not be better than every competitor in every aspect, but its affordable price, eye-catching display, and thoughtful design make it a respectable choice in a crowded market.


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