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Redefining smartphone photography with AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24


  • Pro-Grade Camera with AI Smarts: The photography with AI capabilities of the S24 Ultra goes beyond photography and becomes a part of your everyday routine. Ultra boasts a pro-grade 200MP sensor, a 5x optical zoom, AI Scene Optimizer, AI Night Mode, and AI Portrait Mode for amazing images in any lighting conditions.
  • AI Editing Sparks Creativity: Use AI Remaster, AI Eraser, and Background Changer to enhance and modernize old photos and correct flaws.
  • AI Powering Your Day: With Bixby Assistant for hands-free operation, Smart Call for instant translation, and AI accessibility features for inclusive use, AI is empowering your day.
  • Above and Beyond: Instant Slow-Mo films, AI-powered note summarization, AI-Gentle photo enhancing, Circle to Search, and Live Translation during calls.
  • The Time of the Future is Now: With its potent AI, the Galaxy S24 Ultra transforms mobile photography and gives everyone the ability to take, process, and enjoy images like never before.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is more than simply a smartphone; it’s a feature-rich device driven by artificial intelligence that revolutionizes mobile photography. For those who love taking photos with their smartphones, the S24 Ultra is revolutionary since it can take amazing pictures under any kind of lighting and gives you creative editing options to further your creativity.

Pro-Level Camera System Enhanced by AI

With its quad-camera system, the S24 Ultra features state-of-the-art technology. The 5x optical zoom lens brings far-off subjects closer with remarkable quality, while the 200MP primary sensor records remarkable clarity and detail. However, this camera system shines because of its AI intelligence.

AI Scene Optimizer: This function optimizes camera settings by automatically identifying the scene you’re photographing to get the best possible results. AI Scene Optimizer makes sure your images appear their best whether you’re shooting a darkly lit night scene or a beach covered in sunlight.

AI Night Mode: Say bye to photographs that appear grainy and dark with AI Night Mode. Even in the darkest circumstances, AI Night Mode employs sophisticated algorithms to brighten and enhance your photos.

AI Portrait Mode: Produce gorgeous bokeh-style portraits with background blur that looks polished. With remarkable accuracy, the AI recognizes your subject and extracts them from the background to create incredibly lifelike images.

Enhanced Originality with AI-Powered Editing Instruments

The AI powers of the S24 Ultra go beyond taking amazing pictures. With its wealth of sophisticated editing features, the gadget enables you to express your creativity and improve the quality of your images.

Object Eraser: With just one tap, magically erase undesired things from your pictures. Object Eraser makes it simple to fix flaws, such as a stray electrical cable or a backdrop photo bomber.

Background Changer: Use Background Changer to take your topics to intriguing new places. To achieve a dreamlike appearance, either blur the current background or select from a selection of pre-set backgrounds.

AI Remaster: Use AI Remaster to give old images a fresh new look. This tool makes your faded memories into vibrant masterpieces by enhancing colors, sharpness, and clarity.

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Photography With AI to Boost Your Daily Life

The photography with AI capabilities of the S24 Ultra goes beyond photography and becomes a part of your everyday routine. Here are a handful of instances:

AI Assistant: With increased power comes Bixby, Samsung’s intelligent assistant. To use your phone, create reminders, and do tasks without using your hands, use voice commands.

Smart Call: With Smart Call, you’ll never miss a beat. This function makes it simple to follow along, even in noisy situations, by automatically transcribing your discussions in real-time.

AI Accessibility: Several AI-powered accessibility features in the S24 Ultra improve the phone’s usability for those with impairments. The screen reader, magnification mirror, and voice control are some of these features.

Mobile Photography Future

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a real revolution in mobile photography thanks to its ground-breaking AI features. With the S24 Ultra, you can experience the future of mobile photography, produce breathtaking photographs, and explore your creativity—regardless of your level of experience with smartphones.

Here are some additional notable AI features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, in addition to the features already mentioned:

Circle to Search: Holding down the home button while circling anything on the screen will allow you to quickly search for it on Google.

AI Summarise: To obtain a brief synopsis of your notes, tap the star icon in the Samsung Notes app.

AI Gentle: AI Gentle automatically smooths out blemishes and jagged edges to improve your photos.

Instant Slow-Mo: Use AI to transform any 30 or 60 frames per second video into breathtaking work in slow motion.

Live Translation in Calls: Communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world, with ease by using live translation during phone calls.


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