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Ryzen 7040U series from AMD is built for Ultraportable notebooks

Ryzen 7040U series newest processor has been revealed by AMD, to complement its 7000 line of portable processors. Since the Ryzen 7000 series CPUs were unveiled at CES 2023, the company has expanded its product line in order to bring the power of RDNA 3 technology to ultra-thin smartphones. The Ryzen Mobile 7040U series is designed for ultraportable notebooks and is intended for use in thin and light laptops. AMD has typically employed the cascading launch mobile launch approach to deploying new silicon into ever-lower-powered devices as chip production ramps up and OEMs develop new designs.

Overview of the 7040U series

The Ryzen Mobile series includes AMD’s most recent generation of technologies, such as Phoenix silicon, which combines Zen 4 CPU cores with AMD’s RDNA 3 graphics compute units on a single monolithic die using TSMC’s 4 nm production node. The Ryzen 7040U processors are built to give excellent visuals while using less power. The U stands for “ultra-low power” in AMD’s most recent Ryzen 7040U series processors, which offer power savings through GPU and Display Controller. AMD says that the Ryzen family of mobile processors offer “more graphics power than ever before,” with Ryzen 5’s GPU operating at rates as high as 700MHz and up to 8.6 TFLOPS during its peak performance.

In addition to the current Ryzen 7040HS series, there is also the Ryzen 7040U series. While the 7040U series is tuned for more modest TDPs in the 15 Watt to 30 Watt range, making it better suited for use in ultraportable thin and light laptops, the 7040HS series is targeted at higher-power, higher-performing laptops. The Ryzen Mobile 7040HS series, the first wave of Ryzen Mobile components based on its Zen 4 architecture, was revealed at CES 2023. Although AMD made it clear that a traditional U-series lineup was in the works, we were unsure of when to anticipate it until now.

Performance and efficiency 7040U processors

Ryzen 7040U series
@image: AMD

In this month, the first laptops powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7040U series APUs will be released. The 7040U series, according to AMD, will compete with Intel’s and Apple’s newest mobile chips in laptops that are slimmer and lighter than prior generations of Ryzen APUs.

Four SKUs make up the Ryzen 7040U series: the Ryzen 7 7840U, Ryzen 5 7640U, Ryzen 3 7440U, and Athlon Gold 7020U. The variable TDP of these chips, which ranges from 15 to 30 watts, gives laptop manufacturers some leeway in terms of performance and efficiency. With regard to performance and efficiency, AMD has long been proud of its Ryzen mobile series. According to AMD, its 7840U may outperform Intel’s top-tier Raptor Lake P chip by 30% to 130% depending on the workload. With a performance advantage ranging from 30% to 140% while gaming at 1080p with basic graphics settings. AMD is also claiming a significant edge over Intel in this area when using integrated graphics.

In conclusion, AMD’s Ryzen mobile line now includes the intriguing Ryzen 7040U series, which is designed for ultraportable notebooks. The Ryzen 7040U CPUs from AMD are built to last as long as possible without a plug and provide outstanding graphics quality for their low power consumption. Performance and efficiency of the Ryzen 7040U processors are excellent and put AMD in the lead over rivals, particularly in the area of integrated graphics. The Ryzen 7040U series has four SKUs, giving laptop manufacturers some performance wiggle room.


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