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Siemens-Mendix Partnership Revolutionizes App Development with Amazon Bedrock’s AI Integration


  • Integration between Siemens and AWS: The Mendix low-code development platform from Siemens and AWS has been integrated with Amazon Bedrock, a powerful generative AI tool.
  • Democratising AI Development: By enabling a wider range of people to design and update apps without requiring advanced programming knowledge, this integration seeks to democratise generative AI.
  • Streamlined Development procedure: What was once a difficult and technical procedure can now be easily simplified for Mendix users with just a few clicks to integrate AI models.
  • Unlocking AI’s Potential: Generative AI has a wide range of applications, from detecting fraud in finance and manufacturing to improving productivity across all industries.
  • Empowering with Low-Code Tools: Mendix, a low-code platform with over 50 million users worldwide, revolutionises application development by enabling rapid software creation through a user-friendly interface and reusable components.

Siemens and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have collaborated to incorporate Amazon Bedrock into Siemens’ Mendix low-code development platform, a ground-breaking step that has the potential to completely change the landscape of app development. With this connection, clients will be able to use generative AI to create new apps and enhance their current ones, which is a major step forward.

Democratization of AI for Development of Applications

Siemens, a leader in technological innovation, is democratizing generative AI by incorporating Amazon Bedrock into Mendix, their well-known low-code platform. This crucial step attempts to enable a wider range of people to innovate and develop apps that promote sustainability, resilience, and competitiveness—regardless of programming experience.

“Making smarter applications without programming expertise accelerates innovation and helps companies to tackle skilled labor shortages,” Siemens CEO Roland Busch emphasizes the wide-ranging impact.

A Joint Venture for Unmatched Resolutions

The partnership between AWS and Siemens is a coordinated effort to provide companies all over the world, in a variety of industries, with the means to take advantage of generative AI. As the CEO of AWS puts it, “This partnership builds on our 10-year relationship with Siemens, giving customers across all industries the flexible, customizable, secure environment they need to take advantage of new opportunities with generative AI.” This statement highlights the importance of the partnership.

Customers can easily choose and apply the best generative AI model for their particular requirements thanks to this connection, which greatly improves efficiency and streamlines development processes.

Streamlined Creation for Unprecedented Originality

In the past, generative AI model integration required laborious steps like acquiring login credentials and creating customized function code. But with the integration of Mendix and Amazon Bedrock, this complexity is reduced to a few clicks. Teams may now use a drag-and-drop feature set and an intuitive graphical user interface to construct complex applications without specific programming experience.

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Exploring Generative AI’s Potential

There are countless industries in which generative AI has applications. The integration offers a wide range of opportunities, from automating fraud detection in finance and optimizing quality control in production lines, to accelerating document searches and recommending machine modifications in manufacturing.

Users also have complete control over their information and may leverage the power of their data while preserving the highest level of security and privacy.

Millions of People Powered by Low-Code Innovation

The growing significance of low-code platforms is highlighted by Mendix’s outstanding track record of empowering over 50 million end-users globally over 200,000 apps. Smaller teams may build more effectively because to the platform’s drag-and-drop interface and reusable components, which enable quick software development.

Amazon Bedrock: An Opening to Supervised AI

The fully managed service Amazon Bedrock provides access to top AI models and a range of tools needed to develop generative AI applications. Because of its integration with Mendix, AWS’s generative AI services are now much more robust, enabling developers and enterprise customers to fully utilize AI’s revolutionary potential without the need for programming knowledge.

Siemens: A Technological Pioneer

Leading technology business Siemens AG promotes innovation in infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, and other industries. Their dedication to merging the virtual and real worlds gives clients all around the world the ability to transform their own industries.


A major turning point in the history of app development has been the incorporation of Amazon Bedrock into Siemens’ Mendix platform. Siemens and AWS’s partnership demonstrates their commitment to promoting innovation, democratizing access to cutting-edge technology, and helping companies prosper in an increasingly digital environment. The possibilities for revolutionary apps driven by generative AI are endless as this collaboration develops.


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