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Mastering WhatsApp Privacy: The WhatsApp Secret Code and Hidden Chats Feature Unveiled

In the consistently advancing scene of informing applications, WhatsApp keeps on driving the way with creative elements pointed toward improving client security by using WhatsApp Secret Code. The furthest down-the-line expansion to its collection is an element that locks private talks as well as disguises the envelope lodging these discussions.

The Announcement

On November 30, WhatsApp took to Twitter to unveil its upcoming feature. This feature, currently available as an update for select beta users, introduces a new layer of privacy by allowing users to hide their locked chats folder. The suspense surrounding this announcement was further heightened by the revelation that the locked chats list could only be exposed by entering a ‘secret code’ in the search bar.

WhatsApp secret code
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WhatsApp Secret Code

The WhatsApp secret code, a novel addition to WhatsApp’s security arsenal, serves as a unique password for unlocking locked chats. Once the secret code is applied, the locked chats vanish from the regular chats list, adding an element of mystery and exclusivity. WA Beta Info gave users a sneak peek into the user interface of this feature, building anticipation among the WhatsApp community.

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Additional Features

To address the concern of forgetting the WhatsApp secret code, WhatsApp is reportedly working on an additional feature. This feature will enable users to clear the list of their locked chats within the privacy settings. This thoughtful addition ensures that users won’t lose access to their secured conversations, even if they forget the secret code.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced the ability to lock individual or group chats using a password or fingerprint, reassuring users that media shared in these chats would not be automatically saved to their devices.

WhatsApp’s Statement

In a blog post, WhatsApp explained the significance of the WhatsApp secret code feature, stating, “With a secret code, you’ll now be able to set a unique password different from what you use to unlock your phone to give your locked chats an extra layer of privacy.” This emphasizes the platform’s commitment to offering users multiple tools to safeguard their private conversations.

WhatsApp Secret Code
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Users will have the option to hide the Locked Chats folder from their regular chat list, ensuring that these exclusive conversations can only be accessed by typing the designated secret code in the search bar. For those who prefer the traditional approach, WhatsApp still allows users to utilize the Chat Lock feature introduced earlier this year. Additionally, users can now lock a WhatsApp Chat directly by long-pressing a new chat, streamlining the process.

Rollout and Availability of Hidden Chats Feature

The new privacy feature is set to roll out for select users initially, with a global release planned in the coming months. This phased approach aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to refining and perfecting features before making them universally accessible.

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Recent Privacy Features

WhatsApp’s dedication to user privacy is further evident with recent additions such as the Privacy Checkup feature on Android and iOS. This feature provides users with a centralized location to monitor and customize their privacy settings, covering aspects like message and media accessibility, contact permissions, and overall account security.

IP Address Privacy

In a bid to enhance user anonymity, WhatsApp is introducing a feature that allows users to hide their IP addresses during phone calls. This optional setting, found in the advanced settings menu under the Privacy section, adds an extra layer of protection to users’ communication.


As WhatsApp continues to evolve, these new privacy features underscore its commitment to providing users with robust tools to safeguard their digital interactions. The introduction of the WhatsApp Secret Code and the ability to hide locked chats further solidified WhatsApp’s reputation as a platform that prioritizes user privacy. The anticipation for the global rollout is palpable, as users look forward to experiencing these enhancements firsthand.


Q. How do I set the WhatsApp Secret Code for my locked chats?

A. To set the WhatsApp Secret Code, go to your chat settings, find the privacy options, and look for the “Secret Code” setting. Follow the prompts to create a unique password for your locked chats.

Q. Can I still use the traditional Chat Lock feature alongside the secret code?

A. Yes, WhatsApp offers flexibility. You can choose to either hide the Locked Chats folder using the WhatsApp Secret Code or utilize the traditional Chat Lock feature, depending on your preference.

Q. What happens if I forget the secret code for my locked chats?

A. WhatsApp has considered this scenario. Users will have the option to clear the list of locked chats within their privacy settings in case they forget the secret code, ensuring continued access to their secured conversations.

Q. Is the IP address privacy feature available for all users?

A. The “Protect IP address in calls” feature is optional and can be enabled through the advanced settings menu under the Privacy section. Check your app settings to see if this feature is available for your account.

Q. When can I expect the new privacy features to be available globally?

A. While the feature is currently rolling out for select users, WhatsApp plans to make it available globally in the coming months. Keep an eye on your app updates for the latest enhancements.


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