The smartphone maker stunned customers at the product launch event for the vivo S17 series with its most recent model, the vivo TWS Air Pro. Users will enjoy a higher caliber of music with these wireless earbuds, which are Vivo’s foray into the field of semi-in-ear active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. The vivo TWS Air Pro has cutting-edge technology and a stylish appearance that promises to bring improved convenience and sound quality.

Improved Sound Quality and Compact Design

With a weight of just 4g, the vivo TWS Air Pro single earphone is remarkably light. A 14.2mm acoustic unit ring diaphragm ensures remarkable sound quality despite its small size. Better audio performance is now possible thanks to the device’s increased thickness of 50% and improved air permeability of the cavity by seven times.

TWS Air Pro

Audio Settings for an Immersive Experience

The vivo TWS Air Pro’s preset audio modes are one of its most notable features. Users have a variety of settings to pick from, including the Space mode, which includes options for a music hall, theatre, and recording studio. These modes offer an immersive and lifelike sound experience thanks to 3D panoramic audio technology. DeepX Stereo 3 has also tuned the system, guaranteeing strong bass, crystal-clear sound reproduction, and sharp treble.

Seamless Connectivity and Extended Battery Life

The TWS Air Pro earphones use Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which enables them to connect to two devices at once, enabling users to move between devices with ease. One charge can power one earbud for up to 6 hours of use without noise cancellation, and the entire battery life can last an amazing 30 hours, allowing for uninterrupted long listening sessions.

TWS Air Pro

AI Call Noise Reduction and Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Dual microphone AI call noise reduction on the vivo TWS Air Pro successfully muffles up to 70% of background noise. The earbuds use sound wave detection to determine whether the user is wearing them, at which point the noise reduction mode is adjusted to account for changes in the surrounding environment. This guarantees background noise-free, immersive audio experiences with crystal-clear voice calls.

Design Durability and Gaming Optimisation

With an IP54 rating, the vivo TWS Air Pro is built to endure water and dust. This ensures their endurance even in demanding conditions by making them resistant to splashes and dust particles. Gamers will value the 88ms low latency, which offers a fluid gaming experience without audio lag.

TWS Air Pro

Features that are Practical and Compatibility

The TWS Air Pro offers wear detection and dual-mic AI call noise reduction, making for a hassle-free user experience. Users can make use of practical features like a one-click flash connection, Jovi voice help, and simple headset search while using a vivo mobile phone, which improves the earbuds’ overall usage.

The wireless vivo TWS Air Pro earphones provide excellent sound quality and convenience. They offer an immersive musical experience thanks to their lightweight design and cutting-edge features including preset audio modes and adaptive noise reduction. The earbuds are durable, have a long battery life, and feature flawless connectivity. Overall, with its great performance and fashionable design, the vivo TWS Air Pro raises the bar for wireless earbuds.

With the launch of the vivo TWS Air Pro, vivo demonstrates its dedication to providing cutting-edge and excellent audio products. With a lightweight design for maximum comfort, these semi-in-ear active noise cancellation earbuds provide an immersive music experience along with cutting-edge features including preset audio settings. The TWS Air Pro is a flexible option for a variety of use scenarios thanks to its long battery life, AI calls noise reduction, and gaming optimization. The TWS Air Pro raises the bar for wireless earbuds with its amazing performance and excellent pricing as vivo continues to diversify its product line.


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