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Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 Introduces Smart App Suggestions for Seamless Snap Layouts


  • Enhanced Snap Layouts:  Build 22635.3130 offers the newest version of Windows 11, including a ground-breaking feature that recommends apps to partner with one other for better Snap Layouts functionality.
  • Intuitive App Pinning:  Bid farewell to laborious selection with intuitive app pinning! The newly added feature simplifies window organization by suggesting apps when you hover over the maximize/restore button.
  • Update for the Beta Channel:  Windows 11 now permits users to exit the Beta channel without performing a fresh install, facilitating a more seamless and data-preserving transfer to the stable version.
  • Minor Fixes and Changes: In addition to the primary feature, this build resolves bugs that have been identified and brings back the Widgets settings interface, which may indicate that Windows 11 will soon receive enhancements.
  • Expectations for Upcoming Drops: As Microsoft gets ready for a prospective feature release, rumors start to circulate, bringing more intrigue to the rapidly developing Windows 11 experience.


The Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11 has completely changed window management by giving users a fluid method of multitasking and organization. With the release of Windows 11 build 22635.3130, the most recent Beta channel build, Snap Layouts has an intriguing new feature that makes programmed selection even more user-friendly.

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Recognizing Snap Layouts

The sometimes difficult chore of managing many windows is made simpler with Snap Layouts. Because of its user-friendly design, productivity and user experience are improved through effective organization. Windows 11 improves the Snap Layouts experience even further with the new suggested app pinning feature.

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Build 22635.3130 of Windows 11

Microsoft has included a game-changing innovation in this beta release that makes app pairing suggestions, making generating Snap Layouts much more efficient. The functionality isn’t available to everyone, though; Insiders in the Beta channel who have turned on the most recent updates toggle in Windows Update will eventually get access to it.

Making Use of the New Feature

Those who want to maximize this new feature can adhere to a simple approach. When you hover over an app window’s maximize/restore button, suggestions for related apps show up. Selecting an app manually is no longer necessary as clicking on a suggestion not only snaps the currently open app but also brings the other apps alongside it.

Getting Off the Beta Channel

Remarkably, users can now leave the Beta channel without having to perform a fresh install, which greatly enhances user ease. With no trouble of data loss, this in-place upgrade option guarantees a smooth transition to the most recent stable version of Windows 11. But it’s important to take into account the possibility of losing access to some Beta channel features.

Modest Adjustments and Revisions

This beta update fixes several reported bugs and brings back the Widgets settings experience for users in addition to the recommended app pinning. The enthusiasm within the Windows community is increased by these modifications, which seem to portend an impending Windows 11 feature dump.

Rumors Regarding the Feature Drop of Windows 11

Recent adjustments and modifications to the Beta channel point to Microsoft being ready for a big Windows 11 feature dump. Users become excited about what’s to come as they investigate the consequences of these changes and are ready to take advantage of the next improvements.

Develop Channel Build 26320 of Windows 11

Windows 11 build 26320 has been released on the Dev channel with a few minor fixes and modifications. For users on the development channel, this build improves Windows 11’s general performance and reliability even though it isn’t as exciting as the beta release.


Finally, the most recent Beta channel release improves Snap Layouts by offering users more logical app-pinning recommendations. While little tweaks suggest that Windows 11 will have a bright future, the ability to exit the Beta channel without having to perform a fresh install is convenient. Windows continues to improve, with users anticipating the next feature release.


Q. 1. In Windows 11, how can I enable Snap Layouts?

A. 1. To activate Snap Layouts, select a layout from the list of alternatives by doing a right-click on the maximise button of an active window.

Q. 2. Is everyone using the Beta channel able to access the proposed app pinning feature?

A. 2. Since the functionality is being sent out gradually, not every user of the Beta channel may notice it right away. For suggestions to function, make sure you have a few apps open and the most recent updates enabled.

Q. 3. What must to be taken into account before quitting the beta channel?

A. 3. Keep in mind that access to some features may be lost if you leave the beta channel. The new in-place update option, however, reduces worries about data loss.

Q. 4. Does the latest Beta build have any known bugs?

A. 4. See the release notes for an extensive inventory of issues that have been reported. Microsoft usually fixes these in later releases.

Q. 5. When will Windows 11’s next significant feature drop occur?

A. 5. Microsoft hasn’t released an official timeline, despite conjecture. For announcements, keep an eye on the official outlets.


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