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Windows 11 Update: Unveiling the Advanced Settings Panel for Greater User Control

In the Windows 11 update, the Advanced Settings Panel is one of the major updates that Microsoft has made to the Windows 11 user experience. To bridge the gap between the Settings area and the traditional Control Panel, this ground-breaking feature gives users more control over a variety of operating system functions.

What is Available in the Advanced Settings Panel In Windows 11 Update

Users are endowed with an extensive array of customization options and settings through the Advanced Settings Panel. Among these abilities are:

  • Customising Windows 11‘s built-in settings and behaviors: Users can now adjust particular features to get the most out of their experience.
  • Modifying the appearance of folder icons: File Explorer’s ability to alter folder icons for tagged folders gives file management a more unique look.
  • Disclosing hidden file extensions: For greater control over file types and transparency, users can opt to see hidden file extensions.
  • Displaying hidden items: This function gives users access to more system information by enabling them to see hidden files and folders.
  • Turning on Win32 long paths: This advanced option gives users who work with large files or intricate directory structures more flexibility by doing away with the conventional 260-character limit for file paths.

The Advanced Settings Panel’s Beneficiaries

Although regular users may find the Advanced Settings Panel’s complex controls and settings overwhelming, it is extremely valuable for two distinct groups:


For developers who need to have more control and insight into the operating system for development and optimization, the capacity to adjust settings and access hidden system information is essential.

Hardcore Users:

The Advanced Settings Panel is incredibly helpful for maximizing the customization of your Windows 11 experience for advanced users who want fine-grained control over every aspect of their system.

Using the Dev Home app to access the Advanced Settings Panel:

The Dev Home app is a platform specifically designed for developers and power users in Windows 11. Users can experiment, improve, and personalize their operating system experiences in this sandboxed environment without jeopardizing the stability of their primary system.

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Future Availability of the Advanced Settings Panel

Through upcoming updates, Microsoft intends to make the Advanced Settings Panel available to all Windows 11 users. Users will probably need to update the Dev Home app to access this advanced functionality as it will likely be rolled out through that app.

A Step Forward in User Control

Microsoft’s dedication to improving the Windows 11 user experience is demonstrated by the release of the Advanced Settings Panel. By giving users more control over their operating systems, this feature promotes a more efficient and customized computing environment. The Advanced Settings Panel is expected to become a vital tool for power users, developers, and anybody else looking to get the most out of Windows 11 as Microsoft continues to enhance and improve it.


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