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Windows 12 Release Date and Speculations: What We Know So Far

The first question that will be in everyone’s mind is what is the Windows 12 release date? Microsoft has captivated the interest of technology enthusiasts worldwide with the release of Windows 11. However, rumours and conjecture regarding the future generation, dubbed Windows 12, have already begun to spread. Although Microsoft has not officially acknowledged its existence, signs and evidence indicate that Windows 12 is in development, and it’s intriguing to speculate on what this future operating system may offer.

The Anticipation for Windows 12 Release Date

As we look forward to the possible future of Windows PCs, it’s critical to grasp the enthusiasm and hype around Windows 12. According to rumours, Microsoft plans to release Windows 12 in early 2024, followed by a larger deployment in 2025. Although unsubstantiated, these rumours provide us with a peek at the upgrades and enhancements that consumers anticipate.

A Unique Desktop Experience

According to rumours, Microsoft is testing multiple design concepts for Windows 12. One noteworthy idea is the addition of a “floating” taskbar, which might create a unique desktop experience. While these design concepts are susceptible to change, they demonstrate Microsoft’s dedication to providing a new and adaptable user experience.

Refined User Interface and Enhanced Performance

Windows 12 is likely to have improvements such as improved speed and greater multitasking capabilities. The operating system may provide a more polished and customisable user interface, allowing users to personalise their desktop experience. These enhancements would allow users to smoothly move between jobs and apps, resulting in a more fluid and efficient user experience.

Gaming Enhancements

Another intriguing possibility is that Windows 12 would prioritise gaming advancements. Microsoft is rumoured to be optimising the operating system for gaming, promising improved compatibility, performance, and support for the newest gaming technology. This possible improvement has the ability to transform the gaming experience for Windows users and attract a larger gaming community.

Fan Made Windows 12 concept video

Rumoured System Requirements

While these specs are theoretical and susceptible to change, knowing them might give us a sense of what to anticipate from Windows 12:

  • Processor: To ensure compatibility with contemporary processors, Windows 12 may demand a 64-bit processor with a minimum clock speed of 1 GHz.
  • RAM: Windows 12’s rumoured minimum RAM need is 4GB, allowing for seamless multitasking and programme processing.
  • Storage: Windows 12 is estimated to demand at least 64GB of storage capacity to accommodate the operating system, programmes, and user data.
  • System Firmware: It’s possible that Windows 12 may require UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) firmware with Secure Boot functionality, which would improve system security and ensure a smooth boot procedure.
  • TPM 2.0: Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0), which improves system security through hardware-based encryption capabilities, may be required for Windows 12.
  • Graphics: For optimal performance in graphics-intensive applications, DirectX 12 compliant graphics and WDDM 2.x drivers may be required.
  • Internet Connection: An internet connection may be necessary for access to online services, updates, and cloud-based services, among other things.

It’s crucial to remember that Microsoft hasn’t officially validated these requirements, so consider them speculative.

User Expectations for Windows 12

Users have various hopes and aspirations for Windows 12 that they hope the operating system will fulfil:

1. Stability and Reliability

Users expect Windows 12 to deliver a solid and dependable computing experience. They anticipate higher performance optimisations, fewer system crashes, and more overall system stability. By resolving these issues, Microsoft can ensure that customers can rely on Windows 12 for their day-to-day work without interruption.

2. Seamless Integration and Compatibility

A good operating system must be compatible with a wide range of devices, applications, and hardware components. Users anticipate that Windows 12 will integrate seamlessly with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. They also anticipate improved interoperability with third-party software and hardware, enabling a consistent user experience across ecosystems.

3. Enhanced Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are critical in an increasingly digital society. Users anticipate that Windows 12 would prioritise strong security measures to safeguard their personal data from cyber-attacks. Advanced encryption, safe surfing, and more user privacy options would be much welcomed.

4. Improved Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Users anticipate that Windows 12 will provide greater productivity and collaboration features in response to the increased need for remote work and collaboration. Users expect the new operating system to have features like as integration with major office suites, easy file sharing, and increased multitasking capabilities. Windows 12 can meet the changing demands of the modern workforce by allowing users to be more productive and effective.

Windows 12 Release Date
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5. Enhanced Accessibility Features

Any operating system’s accessibility is critical. Users anticipate that Windows 12 will uphold Microsoft’s commitment to diversity by including a wide range of accessibility features. Improved screen readers, voice control options, configurable interfaces, and assistive technologies that cater to the requirements of people with disabilities are examples of these.

6. Streamlined Updates and Maintenance

Users have raised concerns about Windows upgrades and maintenance. They anticipate that Windows 12 will have a more simplified update procedure that will reduce disturbance and provide users with more control over updates. Simplified maintenance methods and effective troubleshooting tools would also be welcomed, guaranteeing a trouble-free user experience.


While the existence and specifications of Windows 12 have yet to be officially verified, the enthusiasm and expectation around it is growing. The prospective additions and upgrades covered in this article provide an insight into what people anticipate to see in Microsoft’s next operating system generation. Users anxiously anticipate the possible future of Windows PCs with Windows 12, whether it’s a novel desktop interface, greater speed, gaming optimisations, or increased security and productivity capabilities.


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