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AI Adventure Of Samsung: Creating an In-House Large Language Model (LLM)

As the AI adventure of Samsung gains traction across industries, digital behemoths such as Apple, Samsung, and Google are boosting their investments in AI research and development. Samsung, famed for its inventive goods, is now branching out into artificial intelligence with the construction of an “ultra-large AI system.” This in-house project, led by the research division, intends to construct a Large Language Model (LLM) as Samsung’s response to the growing demand for AI-powered language processing capabilities. Samsung’s move aims to compete with established AI models such as Bard and ChatGPT, potentially altering the AI field.

Samsung’s AI Development Push

Samsung is investing heavily in the development of AI technology. The company’s research division has taken on the mission of developing an in-house Large Language Model (LLM), which is expected to compete with prominent AI models such as ChatGPT. This strategic decision reflects Samsung’s dedication to innovation and readiness to compete in the market with other AI firms.

Restricted Use of GPU Resources in AI Adventure Of Samsung

Samsung has temporarily banned the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) within the organization in order to hasten the development of the LLM. GPUs are essential for training AI models on real-world data inputs, so this choice is critical for maximizing the efficiency and efficacy of the AI development process. AI Adventure Of Samsung hopes to accelerate the deployment of the initial iteration of the AI model by focusing its GPU resources on training the LLM.

AI Adventure Of Samsung
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Internal AI Model Developed in-House

Samsung’s LLM development is mostly geared toward internal use within the company. Within Samsung, the AI Adventure Of Samsung model will find use in language translation, documentation, and software development. Samsung intends to solve security problems linked with the use of external AI tools by establishing its own AI solution, as well as to utilize AI’s potential to enhance and streamline numerous internal business processes.

The Need for an In-House Solution For AI Adventure Of Samsung

AI Adventure Of Samsung
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A recent data leak event involving the employment of ChatGPT within Samsung prompted the decision to construct an in-house AI model. This event emphasized the importance of Samsung having a secure and self-sufficient AI solution. Samsung can safeguard data privacy and avoid any hazards associated with employing external AI technologies by establishing its own LLM. The corporation is aiming to finish the initial iteration of the AI model within two months, emphasizing the project’s importance.

Collaboration Opportunities and Market Impact

Initially, it was reported that Samsung was working with Naver, a domestic tech startup, to develop the ChatGPT-like AI tool. Recent developments, however, indicate that Samsung has decided to pursue the work independently. The company investigated prospective cooperation with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google but finally decided to develop its own solution. While the initial version of the AI model will be utilized internally, AI Adventure Of Samsung’s debut into the AI scene could have larger business consequences, potentially leading to the release of a public version in the future.

AI Adventure Of Samsung
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Future Prospects and the Galaxy Unpacked Event

With the AI Adventure Of Samsung model’s rumored launch date scheduled for the end of July, Samsung may utilize its next Galaxy Unpacked presentation to highlight its breakthroughs in AI technology. Although the first focus is on internal use, the company’s long-term intentions may include making its AI solution available to the general public. Future possibilities for Samsung’s AI ambitions remain bright as the company continues to innovate and enhance its AI capabilities.


Samsung’s foray into AI development with the construction of an in-house Large Language Model demonstrates the company’s dedication to technical growth. Samsung hopes to improve internal operations, expedite corporate processes, and address security concerns connected with external AI tools by leveraging AI capabilities. While the AI model will first be released for internal use, it indicates Samsung’s ability to upset the AI environment in the future. As time goes on, the IT sector looks forward to hearing more about Samsung’s AI initiatives and the influence they will have on the market.


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