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Genshin Impact Event: Celebrating Cyno’s Birthday Till 25 June

Genshin Impact Event: A special forum event is being held by the well-known open-world adventure RPG Genshin Impact to honour Cyno’s birthday. Cyno is one of the game’s most adored characters. Players can take part in this event by posting birthday wishes for Cyno or sharing a screenshot for a chance to win fantastic product goodies. The current running of the event is till June 25, 2023. Let’s explore the specifics of this magnificent event and the ways that players can take part.

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Event Rewards: Genshin Impact Event Cyno Character Stand

20 Cyno Character Stands are being given away by Genshin Impact as prizes for the event. Fans can win these stands by taking part in the event; they are premium product items. From among the participants who successfully complete the event conditions, the winners will be chosen at random.

Genshin Impact Event
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Evaluation Procedures and Selection of Winners

The Genshin Impact team will choose 20 Travellers who took part in the competition at random to be the winners. One Cyno Character Stand will be given to each winner as their reward. After July 5, 2023, the winners will be revealed in a post, giving participants a chance to find out if they were selected.

Birthday in Genshin Impact Event Till: June 25, 2023

The birthday in Genshin Impact event starts on June 23, 2023, and the forum event honouring Cyno’s birthday started. It will last until June 25, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+8). This window of time is available for participants to post birthday greetings for Cyno or to upload a screenshot demonstrating their successful sharing of the event post.

How to Take Part in the Forum Activity

It is simple to take part in the event. Either the player posts their sincere birthday greetings for Cyno or they upload a screenshot proving they were successful in sharing the event post. They qualify for a chance to win merchandise rewards by doing this. Fans have the chance to show Cyno their love and support on this momentous occasion.

Genshin Impact Event
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Important Notes Genshin Impact on Participants

Participants are recommended to enable Reward Notifications prior to the announcement in order to ensure a smooth procedure and clear communication. The Genshin Impact team will send System Messages to the winners to inform them of the outcomes. To get the incentives without any problems, it is essential to provide the proper address within the allotted period. Rewards that are forfeited may not be reissued in the event that this is not done.

Guidelines for Valid Submissions

Specific rules for submissions must be adhered to in order to preserve the integrity of the event. Publishing material unrelated to the event’s theme, including any advertising, discrediting the game or its characters, spreading false rumours, deleting comments after the results are revealed, and replying to a comment on the post rather than leaving a new comment on the post itself are all examples of invalid submissions. To ensure that their entries are accepted, participants should follow these rules.

Customs Duties and Unforeseen Circumstances

The winners are responsible for carrying out any relevant customs clearance processes and paying any related taxes if the shipping prizes are subject to customs duties depending on local laws. Additionally, the organisers have the right to substitute a comparable item in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as the cessation of a certain product.

Genshin Impact Event and Birthday Celebrations

A free-to-play open-world adventure RPG called Genshin Impact takes players on a trip through the gorgeous Teyvat realm. Players in the game take on the role of the Traveller and set out on a mission to discover what happened to their missing sister and to solve the mysteries of Teyvat. The game has captured a large international following thanks to frequent updates and new places to discover.

Genshin Impact Event
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This forum event honours Cyno, one of the characters from Genshin Impact, on his birthday. The community of the game, which is renowned for having a fervent fan base, has joined together to show their love and gratitude for Cyno. Large-scale celebrations have been planned by fans, including showing birthday films on big screens in Shanghai and New York City and even decking up cafes with decor inspired by the Venti.


Players have the exciting opportunity to take part in the celebrations and win rare retail prizes at the Genshin Impact forum event honouring Cyno’s birthday. Fans can express their love and support for Cyno by uploading a screenshot or expressing birthday wishes. The community of Genshin Impact is anticipating the announcement of the 20 lucky winners of the Cyno Character Stand as a special birthday gift as the event progresses. Cyno, Happy Birthday!


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