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Google Accounts will be Delete To Product Users is Google’s Protection Focus

Google recently announced its decision to erase inactive accounts that have been unused for two years or longer in an effort to increase security and reduce potential threats. Personal Google Accounts, including well-known services like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos, will be subject to this policy change. Although this update exempts institutions like schools and corporations, it harmonizes Google’s retention and account cancellation policies with industry norms. This page examines the rationale for Google’s choice, details the planned phased deployment, and provides advice on how users might maintain their accounts.

Protecting users from threats is the security imperative

As a market leader, Google is aware of how crucial it is to protect user accounts from security risks including hacking, phishing schemes, and account theft. The company has long prioritized giving people a safe and secure online experience while investing in cutting-edge technology and solutions. However, idle accounts are more likely to be compromised the longer they are inactive.

Google accounts that have been lost or abandoned frequently employ recycled or out-of-date passwords, don’t have two-step verification, and get fewer security checks from the users themselves. According to internal research conducted by Google, abandoned accounts are at least ten times less likely to be protected by two-step verification, making them prime candidates for criminal activity ranging from identity theft to the spread of spam-like content.

Update on Google’s Inactivity Policy: You Must Be Active for Two Years

Google has opted to amend its inactivity policy throughout its product line, establishing a two-year limit, in order to reduce the risks connected with inactive accounts. Starting later this year, Google will reserve the right to erase a Google Account and all related data, including information from Google Workspace, YouTube, and Google Photos, if the account is inactive for two years or is not accessed. It’s crucial to emphasize that this policy change only applies to personal Google Accounts; accounts connected to institutions like businesses or schools will not be impacted. The change ensures the appropriate keeping of users’ personal information by bringing Google’s procedures in line with current industry standards.

Careful implementation and user notifications are part of the phased Approach

Google plans to introduce the account termination process gradually and after giving consumers plenty of advance warning. Although the revised policy is effective right away, account cancellations won’t start until December 2023 at the earliest. Google will send repeated reminders to the email address associated with the inactive account, as well as the recovery email address if one has been provided, to make sure users are informed of the impending changes. If users want to keep their accounts active, these messages will operate as warnings and reminders to prompt them to take appropriate action. Accounts that were created but were never used afterward will be the first to be deleted.

Simple Ways to Maintain Your Account While It Is Active

Signing in at least once every two years is all that is necessary to keep a Google Account active. Any of the subsequent actions will be regarded as account activity:

Emailing someone or reading one

Google Drive use

Watching a video on YouTube

Using the Google Play Store to download an app

Using Google Search to carry out a search

Signing in to third-party apps or services using “Sign in with Google”

It’s important to remember that customers’ past subscriptions to Google One, news publications, or apps will be counted as account activity and will prevent the account from being deleted.

The move by Google to erase dormant accounts after two years demonstrates its dedication to increasing security and safeguarding user data. Google seeks to lower the possibility of compromised accounts and the exploitation of personal information by harmonizing its inactivity policy with industry norms. Users are urged to exercise caution and make sure their accounts are active by regularly using Google’s various sites. Users may keep control of their accounts and have a safer online experience by following these guidelines.


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