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Google Maps India: Unveiling a Future of Visual, Immersive Navigation


  • It’s true what they say: Google Maps India is getting Lens, an augmented reality feature that allows you to point your phone at cafes, restaurants, and other establishments to view details like opening hours, reviews, and photos instantly. Put an end to squinting at small text!
  • Walk Like a Local: Use Live View walking navigation to avoid confusion. Using the screen of your phone, see arrows, directions, and distances superimposed on the actual environment, providing you with effortless navigation through any terrain.
  • Symbols of the Rescue: Sharing a location has never been simpler. Address Descriptors make suggestions for nearby landmarks and area names based on your pin, making it easier for others to navigate unfamiliar areas just as you would.
  • Fuel-Saving Adventures: Use fuel-efficient routing to save money and the environment. This AI-powered tool optimizes your trip and lowers emissions by recommending the most fuel-efficient route for cars and motorcycles.
  • Metro Made Simple: Are you arranging a metro ride? Schedules and reservations are brought straight to the app by Google Maps in collaboration with regional services. Begin with Kochi Metro, and observe as the network grows throughout India!

Google Maps India: Overview

As Google Guides closes its 2023 tasks in India, it isn’t just considering the past yet in addition planning for a splendid future. Google Guides is changing the way that we explore and associate with our general surroundings. From AI-powered features like Lens in Maps and Live View navigation to hyper-local innovations like Address Descriptors, these maps are having a profound impact.

Maps as a Lens: Perceiving is Believing

By pointing your smartphone camera at Lens in Maps, you can instantly get information about restaurants, cafes, and more. Lens in Maps will launch in 15 Indian cities by January and combine AI and AR. See opening hours, ratings, reviews, and photos like never before – no more squinting at tiny text.

Live View Navigation: Walk the Walk, Virtually

With Live View walking navigation, you can get lost in the right place. You can navigate the streets with ease thanks to arrows, directions, and distance markers superimposed over the actual world on your Maps screen. This feature, which is first available on Android and is being rolled out to over 3,000 cities, makes it easy to explore both familiar and new territory.

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Orienting Yourself Using Known Landmarks

Have you ever shared a place and wished you could elaborate on it? Address Descriptors accomplishes this and is now available in more than 75 Indian cities. Google Maps makes it easier for others to find their way around your pinned address by suggesting up to five relevant landmarks and area names.

Efficiency of Fuel for Two and Four-Wheels

Google Maps will launch its fuel-efficient routing feature in India in January. This artificial intelligence (AI) tool determines the most fuel-efficient route for both two- and four-wheelers by analyzing traffic data, road elevation, and vehicle type. It does this by cutting emissions and saving you money.

Metro Bookings and Schedules Right at Your Fingertips

Are you arranging a metro ride? Google Maps will take care of you. With the help of Namma Yatri and Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), Google Maps will soon allow users to book and view metro schedules within the app. The feature will initially be available in Kochi and will eventually be extended to other cities.

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Past Maps: An Overview of Google’s Influence in India

There’s something else to research Guides besides tracking down your direction from A to B. It’s tied in with empowering individuals to investigate and encouraging a feeling of local area among them. Google Guides is a dynamic, living guide of India, with a great many kilometers of streets planned, 300 million structures enrolled, and more than 60 million clients adding to its precision.


Google Guides is a brief look into how we will communicate with the climate later on, in addition to a route device. Google Guides is reforming travel in India by using neighborhood information and cutting-edge innovation to make a more visual, vivid, and economical travel insight than previously. So take a load off, India, and prepare for a completely new navigational experience!


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