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Google Messages Introduces New Features: Pinning Conversations and Animated Emojis

Google Messages has become an essential element of our daily life in today’s digital world. Google, known for its creative thinking, is constantly looking to improve the user experiences of all of its services. The option to pin up to five conversations and the addition of animated emoticons are two interesting new features that Google recently brought out for its instant messaging application, Google Messages.

The well-known instant messaging tool Google Messages enables users to share text messages, photos, and multimedia information with ease. The software has seen numerous updates over the years, and the most recent one adds animated emojis and the ability to pin chats.

Pinning Conversations – Easier Access to Important Chats

Possessing the option to pin up to five chats is one of the main features of the most recent Google Messages version. Users could previously only pin three discussions at a time, but they are now able to pin even more, making it simpler for them to immediately access their most crucial interactions. Users may make sure that their important messages are always visible at the top of the app by pinning discussions, regardless of when they were received.

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How to Pin a Conversation

Pinning a conversation is a straightforward process. To pin a chat in Messages, follow these steps:

Open the Google Messages app on your device.

Long-press on the conversation that you want to pin.

A ‘Pin up to 5 conversations’ bubble will appear; click on it.

The conversation is now pinned and will have an icon on the right to indicate its status.

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Syncing Pinned Conversations Across Devices

Pinned conversations have many benefits, one of which is that they are synchronized with Messages for the web. Users can easily access their pinned chats on different platforms, like desktops, smartphones, and tablets. As a result, your crucial discussions will always be accessible, whether you are at your computer or on the move.

Animated Emojis: A Fun Way to Spice Up Messaging

In addition to pinning conversations, animated emojis are a brand-new feature that Messages is currently testing. Users may now send animated emojis in their chats, giving messaging a fun and lively feel. The animation will start while sending a single emoji, enhancing the expressiveness and fun of expressions.

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User Experience Enhancements In Google Messages

Google has always been dedicated to enhancing user experiences, as seen in the most recent Google Messages upgrades. The internet giant has been working on more improvements in addition to the ability to pin chats and animated emoticons. There have been rumors about a new voice recorder user interface for Google Messages since earlier this year. Google also intended to add user profiles to the messaging app, providing more individualized communication possibilities.


Google Message keeps improving and gives users a more comfortable and interesting chatting experience. The software is set to appeal to a wider audience now that users can pin up to five chats and animated emoticons have been added. Because of Google’s dedication to improving user experiences, its messaging app is a top pick for people looking for easy and enjoyable communication.


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