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Google Pixel Fold: All the Information You Need

Next month, pre-orders for the Google Pixel Fold, the company’s most recent entry into the foldable phone market, will start to arrive. With this new item, you may use your gadget in even more ways because it combines the practicality of Pixel with a design that unfolds into a small tablet. The gadget has numerous screens, a pixel-perfect camera, and a tiny, sturdy build. What you need to know about Google’s newest Pixel smartphone is provided below.


The Google Pixel Fold has a recognizable smartphone design that slides into your pocket and fits in the palm of your hand. The gadget features a profile that is thinner when it is closed than any other foldable phone on the market. You can perform all the typical actions you would anticipate using a Pixel phone on the external screen, like browsing Chrome and responding to messages. When fully expanded, the inner screen offers all the advantages of a tablet. Many of your favorite apps have been enhanced to fully utilize the larger screen.

Google Pixel Fold
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To quickly switch between your apps, use the Taskbar. Alternatively, drag a suitable app into a split-screen mode to multitask with two apps open at once. Drag and drop operations are simple in split-screen mode.

Perfect-Pixel Camera

Many of the camera features that you’ve come to expect from a Pixel, such as Super Res Zoom with 5x optical zoom, Real Tone, Night Sight, and portrait shooting, are present in the Pixel Fold. In Google Photos, you can also use Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur to help you capture the perfect shot. The gadget also has a Rear Camera Selfie feature that enables you to take stunning selfies using the 48-megapixel main camera and the outside screen as your viewfinder. The camera is ideal for taking group shots as well because you can set it up in tabletop mode across the room and activate the shutter with the new palm gesture.

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

Components for Pixels

To match the small size, several Pixel components were skillfully modified. The Google Tensor G2 chip powers Pixel Fold, which also makes it quick and secure. In order to fit inside the gadget, the speakers and haptic technologies were also altered. The Pixel Fold is ideal for daily usage because it has an IPX8 rating for water resistance.


The Pixel Fold is an expensive device, costing Rs 148000. It costs almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and is almost Rs 66000 more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Google, however, probably does not anticipate that the Pixel Fold will sell in significant quantities. Instead, the business hopes that the device will demonstrate to its designers how people actually use folding phones and how Android must change to better meet the needs of this expanding market for multi-screen mobile devices.

Arriving Soon

Google unveiled a preview of an experience for the Pixel Fold at I/O that will be available later this year when Android 14 is released. Dual Screen interpreter mode simultaneously translates live talks on the inner and outer screens using Tensor G2 technology. You won’t need to crowd around a single screen to communicate naturally between languages thanks to this functionality.


The Google Pixel Fold, the newest entry in the market for folding phones, combines the practicality of a Pixel phone with a design that unfolds into a small tablet. The device has a pixel-perfect camera, several screens, a strong and thin construction, and new components that fit the slim form factor. Google anticipates that the device, which costs Rs 148000 will demonstrate to designers how consumers use folding phones and how Android must change to effectively serve this expanding market for mobile devices with multiple screens.

The Pixel Fold will include a dual-screen interpreter mode with the future version of Android 14, which will facilitate more natural language communication. Overall, the Google Pixel Fold provides users with a distinctive and adaptable device.


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