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The Risks of Using Rice to Dry Wet iPhones: Apple’s Official Advice


When it comes to smartphones, people frequently worry about Dry Wet iPhones, which frequently prompts them to take drastic steps to save the gadget. One such well-known technique is to put the damp phone in a rice bag. Nonetheless, the computer giant Apple has just released guidelines that highlight the possible risks connected to this technique.

Apple’s Advise Not to Use Rice to Dry Wet iPhones

It’s customary to put a wet smartphone in a bag of rice right away, as this is said to absorb moisture and speed up the drying process. Apple’s official position, however, cautions against using this traditional cure. Apple cautions against placing iPhones in rice, stating in a support page that doing so may make the problem worse rather than better.

How to Dry Wet iPhones Properly

Apple suggests a set of actions to efficiently address water exposure instead of using rice. First, it’s recommended to lightly tap the gadget to get rid of extra water. It is therefore essential to place the iPhone in a dry location with sufficient ventilation. It is advised to give the gadget at least thirty minutes to charge before attempting to do so.

Time for Drying and Alert for Liquid Detection

Apple also warns consumers that it could take up to 24 hours for the drying process to finish. Users might experience a liquid detection alarm during this period, which would suggest that there is moisture inside the device.

Override for Liquid Detection and Emergency Charging

Apple admits that there are some emergencies where charging a wet iPhone may be necessary, even though it’s typically not recommended. Users can choose to ignore the liquid detection in these situations and continue charging. As a last resort, and with prudence, this should be done.

Apple Prohibited Methods To Dry Wet iPhones

Apple not only advises against rice but also expressly forbids using any foreign objects for drying. Paper towels, cotton swabs, hair dryers, and compressed air all fall under this category. Such techniques can endanger the equipment even more.

Apple Promises Water Resistance

Apple reassures customers on the water resistance of its most recent iPhones despite the warning. Apple emphasizes the robustness of its goods by claiming that flagship smartphones can endure immersion in up to 20 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Users are advised, therefore, that safety measures ought to be taken even in the face of this degree of resistance.


If your iPhone gets wet, you should follow Apple’s specified instructions. You can assist stop more harm to the gadget by not using rice and by using the recommended drying procedure. With a little tapping to get rid of extra water, some drying time, and no foreign objects used, users may make their iPhones more likely to survive.


Q. 1. Can I still dry my iPhone with rice if Apple warns against it?

A. 1. Apple explicitly recommends against using rice since it could exacerbate the device’s damage. For the best results, dry wet iPhones according to the official company instructions.

Q. 2. If my iPhone gets wet while charging, what should I do?

A. 2. Disconnect the charger right away, then dry the device according to Apple’s instructions. The iPhone should not be charged until it has thoroughly dried.

Q. 3. How can I determine whether my iPhone is completely dry after following Apple’s guidelines?

A. 3. Apple advises against using or charging the device until after up to 24 hours have passed and you have verified that the liquid detection signal has not appeared.

Q. 4. Is it possible to expedite the drying process with a hair dryer?

A. 4. No, according to Apple, drying your iPhone with a hair dryer or any other foreign device could destroy its internal parts.

Q. 5. What should I do if, even after following Apple’s drying instructions, my iPhone still won’t work?

A. 5. It is advised to get in touch with Apple Support or go to an approved service provider if the iPhone still won’t work after drying off.


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