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Hanuman Movie: Day 2 Box Office Collection


  • On January 12th, Prashant Verma’s film Hanuman was released in theatres.
  • On its first day, the movie brought in ₹7 crores, and as of today, on its second day, it has brought in ₹4.7 crores.
  • The narrative, which has gotten positive feedback from viewers, emphasises power and dedication.
  • The film stars Varlakshmi Sharathkumar, Teja Sajja, and Amrita Aiyar.

On January 12, Teja Sajja’s film “Hanuman movie” was released in theatres. The movie opened with a bang at the box office and brought in a sizable sum of money. The second day is going nicely for it as well. The public had been waiting a long time for the Prashant Verma-directed movie.

After multiple film releases, the story of power and dedication told in “Hanuman” has finally been seen on screen and is receiving positive reviews. The original report from Sacnilk claimed that the movie had taken in Rs 7 crore on its first day. As of 3 p.m. on the second day, the movie had collected Rs 4.7 crore. As a result, the movie’s total earnings have increased to Rs 15.85 crore.

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The story of “Hanuman Movie”

It should be mentioned that the fans’ excitement was heightened when the “Hanuman” trailer was unveiled on December 19 of last year. The teaser revealed that a regular guy gains superpowers and acquires a unique kind of superpower. He must battle a supervillain. This depicts a conflict between evil and goodness.

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Cast of the Movie

“Hanuman” is a film directed by Prashant Verma and produced by Venkat Kumar Jetty under the auspices of RKD Studios. Kushal Reddy is the associate producer of the film. When discussing the film’s ensemble cast, Teja Sajja, Varlakshmi Sharathkumar, and Amrita Aiyar all have significant roles to perform. While Vinay Rai and Raj Deepak Shetty are also a part of the film.


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