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Unveiling Samsung’s Health Revolution: Blood Pressure and ECG Monitoring on Galaxy Watches


  • Groundbreaking Health Tech: Unveiling Samsung’s Health Revolution by integrating blood pressure and ECG monitoring on Galaxy Watches, Samsung raises the bar for wearable medical technology.
  • Regulatory Validation: The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation of India has approved the characteristics, guaranteeing their dependability and compliance with health regulations.
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: PPG and ECG sensors are used by Galaxy Watches to provide accurate tracking and real-time information on heart rate and blood pressure.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Users can test and review blood pressure and ECG data on their smartwatches with ease thanks to Samsung’s Health Monitor software, which streamlines the procedure.
  • Impact Worldwide: Although ECG monitoring is widely available, Samsung distinguishes its Galaxy Watches with blood pressure monitoring, offering a complete health monitoring solution.


Samsung has started implementing ECG and blood pressure monitoring capabilities on its Galaxy Watch series via the Samsung Health Monitor app, which is a ground-breaking development. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of India has provided regulatory clearances and certifications, which is a substantial support of this progress.


Regulatory Benchmarks

Samsung’s dedication to health monitoring is demonstrated by the accomplishment of regulatory milestones. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series will now include the blood pressure and ECG tracking features after they successfully passed inspection. Additionally, a thorough upgrade to the Samsung Health Monitor app will shortly bring these functions to the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Technological Resourcefulness

Sensor for Photoplethysmograms (PPG)

The state-of-the-art Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor found in the Galaxy Watch can record pulse rate in addition to systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This sensor is essential for giving consumers accurate, up-to-date health information.

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ECG Measurements

The previously mentioned Galaxy Watches have built-in sensors that can identify the electrical signals the heart produces at each beat, which is useful for ECG monitoring. Next, a graph is carefully created using this data. With the Samsung Health Monitor app update, users can now easily store and share blood pressure and ECG data that was captured on their smartwatches.

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Broad Effect

Samsung was not the first to introduce ECG monitoring; in India, the Apple Watch Series 4 and later models also have this feature. But Samsung goes one step farther and adds blood pressure monitoring, a capability that isn’t available in any Apple Watch generation.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide: Blood Pressure Measurement for Health Monitoring

Install the Samsung Health Monitor application.

Install the app on your Galaxy smartphone and watch.

Procedure for Calibration

To guarantee accurate results, adhere to the Samsung Health Monitor app’s calibration instructions.

Putting on the Watch

To ensure a secure fit, wear your Galaxy Watch on the same wrist that was used during calibration.


Start the procedure for taking your blood pressure.

Examine Your Information

On your device, you may easily access and examine the blood pressure values that were collected.

How to Read an ECG

Connecting Devices

Make sure the Galaxy smartphone and your Watch are paired.

Wearing Appropriate

Put the Galaxy Watch on your wrist firmly.

Application Access

On your Galaxy Watch, open the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Obtaining an ECG reading

For thirty seconds, gently place your fingertip on the top button of the Galaxy Watch.

Synchronizations of Data

The linked Galaxy smartphone and ECG data sync effortlessly, and a detailed PDF report is created on the latter.


With the addition of ECG and blood pressure monitoring to its Galaxy Watch lineup, Samsung has made a major advancement in the field of wearable health technology. This feature-rich, user-friendly update encourages people to easily take control of their well-being while also raising health awareness.


Q. 1. Does the blood pressure sensor come with every Galaxy Watch model?

A. 1. The Galaxy Watch 6 series is the first to include this capability, and the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 series will follow suit shortly.

Q. 2. Can I give my healthcare practitioner access to my blood pressure and ECG data?

A. 2. Yes, users can store and share BP and ECG data using the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Q. 3. Does the Galaxy Watch’s battery run out soon with the ECG monitoring capability enabled?

A. 3. No, the ECG monitoring function is designed to use power efficiently.

Q. 4. Are there any intentions to bring these features to other nations?

A. 4. Samsung intends to expand beyond India in order to implement these functionalities on a global scale.

Q. 5. Is it possible to take my blood pressure without using the Samsung Health Monitor app?

A. 5. No, in order to get precise BP readings on your Galaxy Watch, you need the app.


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