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Google’s Game-Changing Move: Real-Money Games Welcomed on Google Play


  • Google’s Gaming Revolution: Explore how Google is set to revolutionize the gaming industry by expanding support for real-money games on its app store.
  • Extended Opportunities for Developers: Learn about the extended grace period that allows developers to continue offering their real-money gaming apps on Google Play, providing them with more time to adapt.
  • Policy Evolution: Understand the implications of Google’s policy update and the evolution of the service fee model for real-money gaming, reflecting the value Google Play brings to the Android and Play ecosystems.
  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s Role: Discover how the Ministry’s rules for online gaming and the designation of Self Regulatory Bodies contribute to a regulated environment, ensuring compliance and legitimacy.
  • Positive Industry Reaction: Take a closer look at the industry’s positive comments and the All India Gaming Federation’s support, as the Indian online gaming market is expected to see a major uptick.

A new era for developers and gamers is about to begin with Google’s announcement that it will be expanding support for real-money games on its app store. This is a ground-breaking move. Let’s examine this important action in more detail, as it will have a big impact on the gaming industry in India and abroad.

Overview: Real-Money Games

Real-money games (RMG) are now supported in Google’s app store, a major move for the tech giant in the online gaming space. This action is likely to cause a paradigm change in the gaming business by providing players with an improved experience and new options for developers.


2022 Pilot Program

Google launched a test program in 2022 to allow real-money gaming in India. This covered a range of games, including as rummy and fantasy sports, and gave an idea of this new market’s potential.

Pilot Program Termination

The end of the pilot programme on September 28, 2023, signified a significant turning point in Google’s entry into the real-money gaming industry. Still, this was only the beginning and would lead to more.

Until January 15, 2024, as an extension

Google extended the plan for current apps to stay on Google Play until January 15, 2024, assuring continuity for developers, realising the importance of the trial programme.

Extension of the Grace Period to June 30, 2024

Google recently announced that the pilot program’s grace period for developers to remain on the app store will now last until June 30, 2024. This addition shows a dedication to giving developers enough time to adjust to the changing environment.

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Revision of Policy

Google has updated its policy to permit developers to offer real-money gaming apps to Indian customers on Google Play, coinciding with the extension of the grace period. This extension complies with current Google policy as well as local legislation, going beyond the domains of rummy and fantasy sports.

Service Fee Model Evolution

The growth of Google’s service charge model for real-money gaming goes hand in hand with this policy modification. The company wants to support the Play and Android ecosystems and reflect the value that Google Play offers.

The Goals of Google

Allow Distribution on Google

Play Google plans to allow distribution on Google Play for all online real money games that adhere to its regulations and have been certified by Self Regulatory Bodies (SRB), as part of its efforts to promote a diversified gaming environment.

Adherence to the Rules

This action supports Google’s dedication to making sure that the distributed real-money games abide by its rules, giving consumers a safe and entertaining gaming experience.

Regulations of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)

Rules Notification

A controlled environment was established earlier this year when the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) published regulations for online gambling. The ministry may appoint SRBs for online gaming in order to confirm that the games are legal to play for real money online as long as they adhere to the laws.

SRB designation

The identification of online gaming SRBs, an essential step in guaranteeing the legality and compliance of online real money games, is made possible by the MeitY’s regulations.

Affirmative Industry Reaction

Google’s progressive move has been warmly received by the gaming industry, especially considering the obstacles presented by the 28% GST regime. Leaders in the industry believe that this will have a big impact on the Indian online gaming market, where Pay to Play platforms account for more than 70% of revenue.

Industry Lobbying

The All India Gaming Federation’s CEO, Mr Roland Landers, conveyed his gratitude for Google’s choice. The federation, which represents Indian online gaming, views this development as a step in the right direction towards their goal of having all Pay to Play skill games available on the Play Store.

The Impact of Google’s Initiative

Possible Uplift for the Indian Gaming Sector

The project by Google has the potential to greatly expand the online gaming market in India. Expanding the selection of real-money games available on the Play Store enables developers to pursue novel opportunities and fosters the expansion of the industry.

Pay to Play Platforms and Revenue Stats

The decision is in line with the revenue dynamics of the gaming industry in India, where Pay to Play platforms account for a significant amount of income. It’s expected that Google’s calculated action will impact other revenue sources.

The GST System

The gambling sector has been battling the difficulties brought on by the 28% GST policy. In an effort to allay some of the worries expressed by the industry, Google has decided to enable a broader selection of real-money games, which presents a promising opportunity for expansion.

Positive Approach to Industry Difficulties

By adding support for a wide variety of real-money games, Google is presenting itself as a partner in addressing obstacles provided by outside variables such as the GST regime.


To sum up, Google’s move to add more real-money game functionality to its app store is a significant development for the Indian gaming market. This action not only gives developers more options, but it also conforms to the rules established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.


Q. 1. What does Google’s expanded support for real-money gaming mean?

A. 1. With its expanded backing, Google is signaling a big change in the gaming industry and giving developers options that go beyond the parameters of the experimental program.

Q. 2. What are the advantages for developers of the longer grace period?

A. 2. The prolonged grace period guarantees a seamless transition and adjustment to the changing policies by enabling developers to keep their real-money gaming apps available on Google Play.

Q. 3. What effects will the revised service charge model have on real-money gaming?

A. 3. By maintaining the Android and Play ecosystems and reflecting the value Google Play offers, the revised service charge model seeks to provide a just environment for developers.

Q. 4. What role has the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had in the development of laws governing online gaming?

A. 4. The regulations set forth by the Ministry enable the appointment of Self Regulatory Bodies (SRBs), guaranteeing a legal structure for confirming the legitimacy of real money online gaming.

Q. 5. How does the All India Gaming Federation feel about the decision made by Google?

A. 5. Positively interpreting Google’s decision as a progressive step that supports their demand for enabling all Pay to Play skill games on the Play Store, the All India Gaming Federation.


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