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‘Help Me Write Tool’ Launched by Google for Gmail Users: Using Generative AI to Simplify Email Composition

The most recent upgrade ‘Help Me Write Tool’ to Gmail is expected to completely change how users compose emails. Google continues to develop and improve its array of productivity tools. Gmail customers registered in the Workspace Labs program can now take advantage of generative AI assistance right inside their email interface thanks to the release of the “Help me write” function. By providing users with recommendations and edits, this feature seeks to speed up the writing process and make it easier for users to create compelling and effective messages.

The ‘Help Me Write Tool’

The ‘Help me write’ function by Google is a cutting-edge addition to Gmail that makes use of generative AI. This functionality, which is first accessible to users participating in the Workspace Labs program on Android and iOS, intends to help users compose emails more quickly. The mobile version of the application welcomes visitors with an introduction prompt for generative AI, giving them an overview of its capabilities, just as its desktop counterpart.

Process of Composition Simplified

The ‘Help me write’ function is accessible by clicking a large button in the lower-right corner of the compose feed. Users can enter a prompt by tapping on this button, which starts the generative AI engine. Users will see a blue or purple wave on the “Create” button as the AI evaluates the prompt, showing that the tool is actively creating ideas depending on the input provided.

Help Me Write Tool
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Refinement and Personalization of Email Content

Users can tap the ‘Help me write’ button once more to get a variety of alternatives to edit and personalize their email content after inputting the desired text in the compose feed. The choices for refining include:

Formalise: By recommending appropriate wording and tone, this option assists users in making their message more polished and professional.

Elaborate: The tool will provide options for elaboration and users can choose to elaborate on their ideas or provide more information.

Shorten: When brevity is crucial, the ‘Shorten’ option offers succinct alternatives and assists users in condensing their message without sacrificing important details.

I’m Feeling Lucky: This function creates a comprehensive response in accordance with the prompt, giving users a message that is prepared for sending and matches their intents.

Write a Draft: Users have the option to have the ‘Help me write’ feature create a draft of their email, allowing them to further edit and personalize it before sending it.

Help Me Write Tool
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Taking Advantage of Automation

Google’s “Help me write” feature is an example of the growing contribution of automation and AI to the simplification of routine chores. Users can focus on other crucial aspects of their business while saving time by automating some steps in the email authoring process. In addition to helping users create content, this feature gives them the power to edit and customize it, establishing the ideal mix between effectiveness and attention to detail.

Improved Gmail Search Experience

In addition to the “Help me write” tool, Google has improved the search functionality in Gmail for mobile devices. By utilizing machine learning models, Gmail now gives users the most pertinent search results, allowing them to find particular emails or files with ease. The search keyword, recent emails, and other pertinent factors help produce precise search results, boosting Gmail users’ productivity and organization.


The launch of the “Help me write” tool in Gmail shows Google’s dedication to utilizing AI technology for the benefit of its customers as it continues to develop its array of productivity products. This feature seeks to speed up the composting process and increase overall productivity by giving users the power to generate, improve, and customize email content. Gmail users may now enjoy a more effective and user-friendly email management experience thanks to recent updates to the search tool. Google empowers consumers to communicate efficiently and effectively in the digital age by embracing automation and AI.


AI was used to conduct research and help write parts of the article. We primarily use the Gemini model developed by Google AI. While AI-assisted in creating this content, it was reviewed and edited by a human editor to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to Google's webmaster guidelines.

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