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Genshin Impact Patch 4.0: Exploring the Enchanting Hydro Kingdom of Fontaine

The much-anticipated third anniversary of the well-known open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact is almost approaching. The introduction of Genshin Impact Patch 4.0, which will feature the enchanted new region of Fontaine, has players from all around the world anticipating it with great anticipation. The game is now in Patch 3.7, which was launched on May 24th, 2023, and lasts roughly 42 days. According to the patch schedule, Patch 3.8 and Patch 4.0 are scheduled to be issued on July 5 and August 16, respectively, in 2023. The game’s creator, miHoYo, has been known to alter their release schedule, so it’s vital to keep in mind that these times could change.

The Simultaneous Release of Patch 4.0

Players can anticipate a live countdown to the release of Genshin Impact patch 4.0, which will roll out concurrently across all servers. The server maintenance window for prior patch releases in the game has historically been from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM (UTC+8), thus that is when it is anticipated to take place.

Exploring the Hydro Kingdom of Fontaine

The fifth explorable location in the Teyvat universe will be introduced in Patch 4.0, much like earlier upgrades. Mondstadt represents wind (Anemo), Liyue represents Geo, Inazuma represents Electro, and Sumeru represents Dendro. Each place in the game corresponds to an elemental strength. It is believed that Fontaine would symbolize the Hydro element. If miHoYo doesn’t pleasantly surprise players with a new elemental region before Fontaine launches, there will only be two locations left: Natlan representing Pyro and Snezhnaya representing Cryo.

Genshin Impact Patch 4
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Themes and Speculations

In Genshin Impact, each region has a distinct theme related to it. Inazuma symbolizes eternity, Liyue stands for contracts, Inazuma signifies freedom, and Sumeru denotes knowledge or wisdom. It is assumed from in-game information that Fontaine will have a theme related to justice or law. Players can anticipate that Fontaine’s characters and setting will mirror this concept, enveloping them in a world of intrigue and moral quandaries.

Teasers and Patch Livestreams

During the Patch Livestream for Patch 3.7, miHoYo teased Fontaine, giving players a small view of the locale. The Traveller was shown swimming underwater in the teaser, giving players a preview of what they may anticipate from aquatic exploration in Fontaine. According to miHoYo’s release schedule, more teases and a thorough presentation of the region are anticipated at the forthcoming Patch Livestream for Patch 3.8 (about June 23rd) and Patch 4.0 (around August 4th).

Genshin Impact Patch 4
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New Characters in Fontaine

Players may look forward to the introduction of fresh characters from the Fontaine region with the release of Patch 4.0. Lyney and Lynette, two of these characters, have already been formally introduced by miHoYo. Male Pyro Bow user Lyney has the power to control objects, making them appear and vanish whenever he wants. On the other side, Lynette is a female user of the Anemo Sword. Their connection to the plot and role in it have not yet been clearly established.

In addition to Lyney and Lynette, Patch 4.0 will also feature repeat appearances of current characters. For gamers who might have missed their initial release, Yelan, a female Hydro Bow user, and Tartaglia, a male Hydro character, will be made accessible once more. Players have the chance to acquire these characters and make use of their special skills thanks to these repeats.

Genshin Impact Patch 4
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Impact on the Game Meta

Patch 4.0 is likely to affect the meta of the game due to the addition of new characters and the rebalancing of old ones. In many game modes, such as Spiral Abyss and player-vs-player combat, the addition of Hydro characters and their special powers may alter team compositions and strategy.

Primary Narrative Speculations

It is anticipated that the major plot of Fontaine would explore issues of income inequality, societal inconsistencies, and the effects of unchecked capitalism. The area might give a different perspective on the concepts of justice and the law, providing players with moral conundrums and decisions as they proceed on their trip. The story may also be significantly impacted by environmental degradation and partisan disputes, which would give it more depth and complexity.

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

For the benefit of the players, Fontaine will bring fresh gaming elements. A significant feature of the area will be underwater exploration, which will let players explore the depths and find lost objects and secrets. Players will have an exciting new way to get about Fontaine’s seas when speed boats are introduced as a mode of transportation. By enabling players to explore underwater landscapes, participate in combat, and interact with unusual items, the diving feature will expand the experience.

Genshin Impact Patch 4
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New Weapons and Artifacts

Players will be able to earn new weapon and artifact sets with the release of patch 4.0. The legendary weapon set and new crafting line that Fontaine will introduce will give players the ability to strengthen the skills of their characters. Additionally, it is said that musical instrument-themed weaponry will arrive, bringing a sense of class and originality to combat.

The Masquerade of the Guilty: Archon Quests in Patch 4.0

The main plot quests in Genshin Impact are called Archon Quests, and Fontaine will provide a few of those. Through these adventures, players will learn about the Hydro Archon Focalors and get to know Soutine, a significant figure in the area. It is anticipated that the questline, “The Masquerade of the Guilty,” would reveal the mysteries and secrets of Fontaine while engrossing players in an engrossing tale.


The Hydro Kingdom of Fontaine will be a game-changing addition to the Genshin Impact Patch 4.0. Players can anticipate a tonne of fresh stuff, such as the investigation of the captivating underwater world, fresh characters, gaming elements, and compelling plots. MiHoYo intends to give players an immersive and constantly-expanding experience as the game develops.


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