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HP Set to Launch New Gaming Portfolio, Targeting Indian Market

Leading PC and printer manufacturer HP is getting ready to introduce a thrilling new gaming lineup in India. The forthcoming HP New Gaming Portfolio laptops are anticipated to be the company’s thinnest and lightest products to date, catering to players looking for a flexible gaming experience. HP wants to strengthen its position as a leader in the gaming sector with a commanding market share in the Indian PC market and gaming PC sales. This article takes a close look at HP’s new gaming lineup, its intended market, and the steps the business has made to promote PC gaming in India.

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HP’s New Gaming Portfolio for All User Segments

The new gaming lineup from HP is made to satisfy the requirements of amateur, serious, and professional players. It seeks to provide a selection of gaming goods that improve the gaming experience for various user segments. HP wants to get a bigger market share and appeal to more Indian gamers by offering a choice of solutions.

Competitive Pricing and Superior Features

The starting price of HP’s forthcoming new gaming Portfolio laptops is anticipated to be under Rs 60,000, making them desirable and cost-effective options for gamers in India. The company wants to deliver feature-rich gadgets with powerful gaming capabilities. HP wants to provide portability without sacrificing gaming capability, thus it focuses on lightweight and thin designs.

New Gaming Portfolio
@image: HP

HP’s Dominance in the Indian PC Market

According to IDC, HP has retained its lead in the Indian PC market with a 33% market share. HP has a great basis to grow its gaming portfolio and reach a wider audience thanks to its significant market presence. HP can successfully enter the Indian gaming market by utilizing its strong brand recognition and broad distribution network.

Sales of New gaming Portfolio Computers

In addition to holding a significant portion of the market, industry sources estimate that HP controls 38% of the gaming PC market in India. This sizeable market share illustrates how well-liked and trusted HP’s gaming goods are among gamers. HP hopes to further solidify its position in the gaming PC market with the launch of the new gaming portfolio.

New Gaming Portfolio
@image: HP

Omen Playground Shops and Community Activities

By opening Omen Playground outlets in 2023, HP will have made an investment in India’s gaming ecosystem. These shops provide a complete gaming environment, letting customers play PC games for free. There are currently 12 active Omen Playground locations spread over 12 Indian cities. At these locations, HP hosts gaming-related community events to bring gamers together and promote a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

Expansion of PC Gaming in India

HP wants to make PC gaming more widely available in India by creating Omen Playground stores and investing in gaming infrastructure. These programs give gamers access to top-notch gaming hardware and a specialized area where they may fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience. The initiatives are taken by HP aid in the expansion and acceptance of PC gaming in this nation.

New Gaming Portfolio
@image: Amazon

HP’s Focus on Versatile Gaming Devices

HP wants to satisfy gamers who want a multifunctional gaming device with its new gaming lineup. This strategy acknowledges how gamers’ requirements are changing and that they are looking for gadgets that can perform jobs like content production, multimedia consumption, and productivity in addition to gaming. Performance and utility are balanced in HP’s adaptable gaming hardware.

Future Prospects

In the company’s aspirations to dominate the Indian gaming business, the introduction of HP’s new gaming portfolio represents a significant turning point. HP is well-positioned to address the needs of gamers in India because of its affordable pricing, outstanding features, and dedication to providing diverse gaming devices. HP’s emphasis on enhancing gaming infrastructure, planning community events, and offering engaging gaming experiences will help the overall growth of the gaming ecosystem as the gaming industry continues to flourish. HP is well-positioned to sustain its leadership in the Indian PC gaming business and encourage new gamers to enter the PC gaming industry because of its strong brand reputation and market domination.


The company’s dedication to the Indian gaming business is demonstrated by HP’s future new gaming portfolio, which includes portable and thin gaming laptops. HP wants to increase its market share and establish itself as the market leader in the gaming sector by meeting the needs of casual, serious, and professional players. HP’s gaming devices are an attractive option for gamers in India thanks to their cheap cost, exceptional features, and emphasis on versatility. The company is committed to supporting PC gaming and providing immersive experiences for gamers, as evidenced by its investments in gaming infrastructure, Omen Playground stores, and community events. The future is bright for gamers in India as HP develops and broadens its gaming offering.


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