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International Yoga Day: How Apple Watch Can Enhance Your Fitness and Yoga Practice

International Yoga Day is a big event observed on June 21st, and Apple is commemorating the occasion by offering a special Yoga challenge for Apple Watch users. The Apple Watch has a variety of features that effortlessly blend into daily living, including fitness tracking, connection, and mindfulness. In this post, we’ll look at how the Apple Watch may help you track your fitness and yoga practises, as well as its dedicated Workout app, mindfulness capabilities, and the special international Yoga Day challenge.

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Apple Workout App for Better Fitness Tracking

The native Workout App on the Apple Watch is a popular choice among customers worldwide. It has sophisticated fitness tracking capabilities such as vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact duration, as well as new running measurements. Workout Views display these stats in a variety of ways, including Activity Rings, Elevation and Running Power, and Splits. The programme also includes training experiences such as Heart Rate Zones, Race routes, Pacer, and Custom Workouts, which improve performance and provide personalization choices.

International Yoga Day
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Meditation and Breathing Exercises with Mindfulness

The Apple Watch contains a Mindfulness app that helps users to focus, centre, and connect through breathing exercises for a few minutes each day. Users can change the frequency of mindfulness reminders, the rate of respiration, and the haptic settings. Users can check their heart rate on the summary screen after a meditation or breathing session. These mindfulness elements aid in mental well-being and redirect focus to oneself.

Activity and Workout Monitoring for Motivation

To keep you motivated throughout the day, the Apple Watch has activity and workout monitoring functions. The Move, Exercise and Stand ring visually depicts your everyday movement. The Activity rings track your progress, with the goal of closing them every day. The Apple Watch displays three discrete metrics to reflect your daily activity: Move, Exercise, and Stand. It assesses your progress over the last 90 and 365 days, taking into account parameters such as active calories, standing time, and exercise.

International Yoga Day
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Yoga Tracking via Apple Watch

Users can track their yoga sessions by selecting Yoga as an activity in the Workout App on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch lets you choose and monitor any kind of yoga, whether it’s power vinyasa flow or restful yoga. There are also third-party apps compatible with watchOS and iOS that offer extra yoga tracking features.

Yoga Practitioners’ Testimonials

Yoga practitioners, such as Tanvi Mehra, founder of Tangerine Art Studio, emphasise the Apple Watch’s value in their daily self-care practises. Yoga-centric features on the Apple Watch, such as the Mindfulness app’s Reflect and Breathing functions, help users stay present, manage their breath, and shift perspectives. These characteristics help to make yoga more immersive and helpful.

International Yoga Day
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The International Yoga Day Challenge on Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners are invited to take part in the International Yoga Day challenge by performing a 10-minute or longer yoga workout on June 21st. Users who participate not only obtain the health advantages of yoga but also receive four new animated stickers as a reward. These stickers may be shared in discussions and used in third-party apps, making them a fun and expressive way to commemorate the occasion.


The Apple Watch has a plethora of functions that make it an excellent companion for fitness aficionados and yoga practitioners. Users can monitor their fitness activities and enjoy enhanced training experiences via its native Workout App. Through meditation and breathing exercises, the Mindfulness app enhances mental well-being. The Activity and Workout monitoring tools keep customers engaged and assist them in meeting their fitness objectives. On International Yoga Day, the Yoga Day challenge on the Apple Watch encourages users to participate in yoga sessions and awards them with exclusive stickers. You may improve your overall well-being and embrace a healthy lifestyle by incorporating the Apple Watch into your fitness and yoga routines.


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