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Meet Your Maker Update: Sector 1 Dreadshore Brings Exciting New Content and Improvements

The creator of the well-known game Meet Your Maker, Behaviour Interactive, has revealed the title of an upcoming content update: “Sector 1: Dreadshore.” A new deco pack, a new custodian, a new trap, a new guard, and a new weapon are among the new features that will be included in this update, which is scheduled to go live on June 27. Additionally, during a special period, players will have the chance to get the Arsenal Pack for nothing. With this update, Behaviour Interactive has demonstrated its dedication to offering post-launch support and improving the game in response to user input.

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New Deco Pack: Tempest Cove

Players will get access to a brand-new deco pack named Tempest Cove with the Sector 1: Dreadshore update. Players may create distinctive and eerie Outposts thanks to the aesthetic motifs introduced in this collection, which are compatible with the Dreadshore setting. The set comes with corroded metal railings, water-damaged wood, inflatable and deflatable bellows, and salt-stained decal designs. Builders will have the ability to design Outposts with a unique and modern take on coastal habitation.

New Custodian: Nautilus

The Nautilus caretaker suit is a new addition to Sector 1: Dreadshore. This outfit provides an exciting element to the gameplay and is connected to the sinister beginnings of the Dreadshore. Local folklore claims that Nautilus emerged from the lighthouse Sanctuary in an antique diving outfit that was covered with blood. The Nautilus caretaker suit improves the defensive weaponry’s effects, giving players a fresh way to take on difficult Outposts.

Meet Your Maker
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New Trap: Sentry Beam

The Sentry Beam, a potent new trap, is now available to builders. With its varied adaptations, this trap creates new opportunities for lethal killings and inventive trap combos. The Sentry Beam detects targets using motion sensing and fires a focused narrow beam of super-heated amplified light. It was originally designed to hold convicts at the lighthouse Sanctuary. It is a great option for engaging quickly moving targets because of its quick delivery and ricochet properties.

New Guard: Ravager

The Sector 1: Dreadshore update includes the Ravager, a fearsome new guard. Builders have the ability to control this fierce guard, but Raiders must overcome it. The Ravager is a product of genetic research carried on at the lighthouse Sanctuary. It has a scattershot attack that fires multiple missiles at once, making it more challenging for Raiders to dodge.

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New Weapon: Demolition Cannon

The Demolition Cannon, a potent new weapon, will be available to raiders. For the strongest Outposts in Meet Your Maker, this weapon adds more firepower. Within a small blast radius, the Demolition Cannon’s explosive payload in a reusable shell causes severe damage. For Raiders looking to get past tough defences, it’s portability and destructive skills make it a vital asset.

Improvements to the Base Game:

  • Meet Your Maker’s main game is enhanced in a number of ways by the Sector 1: Dreadshore update.
  • Better Representation of Base Effectiveness: Builders now have a more realistic idea of their base’s effectiveness thanks to the game’s recognition of kills versus Raiders who force disconnect or force quit.
  • Refill Prestige 10 Bases: Builders can now regularly restock Prestige 10 bases, enabling them to keep their bases online.
  • Ranking Tier Rebalancing: The ranking system has been adjusted to promote fair and competitive gameplay.
  • Updated Tutorials: Players now have access to updated tutorials that provide them with a deeper knowledge of the rules and tactics of the game.
  • Phoenix Pods are now instantly added to players’ inventories, making them a valuable resource.
Meet Your Maker
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A deco pack, a custodian, a trap, a guard, and a weapon are among the intriguing new game components included in the Meet Your Maker content update, Sector 1: Dreadshore. This update demonstrates Behaviour Interactive’s commitment to enhancing the game in response to user feedback. These new additions and changes should make Meet Your Maker more enjoyable to play whether you’re a Raider or a Builder. Don’t pass up the chance to get the free Arsenal Pack while the promotion is running. Prepare to explore the Dreadshore and use your imagination to create distinctive Outposts.


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