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Meta Quest 3: The Next-Generation VR and Mixed Reality Headset

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the eagerly awaited Meta Quest 3, the newest virtual and mixed reality headgear. Meta Quest 3 is expected to release later this year and features a number of noteworthy advancements, including improved performance, ground-breaking Meta Reality technology, greater resolution, and a thinner and more comfortable design. We’ll go into the specifics of Meta Quest 3 in this post, including its features, attributes, availability, cost, and upcoming updates for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets.

Meta Quest 3: Most Potent Headset Yet

Pancake optics and a high-resolution display are combined in Quest 3 to create an unmatched viewing experience. It has a subsequent-generation Snapdragon chipset created in association with Qualcomm Technologies that offers more than double the graphic performance of the Snapdragon GPU from Quest 2. As a result, immersive games will play more smoothly and have amazingly sharp details, providing a genuinely potent and immersive VR experience.

Meta Quest 3
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Immersive VR + Breakthrough Meta Reality

Immersive VR + Groundbreaking With the introduction of Meta Reality technology, mixed reality experiences have never been better. Users can intelligently interact with and manage their actual space thanks to this ground-breaking feature, which seamlessly merges the real world with the virtual one. Users can interact with virtual material while also interacting with the actual environment because of high-fidelity color Passthrough, machine learning capabilities, and spatial awareness. The options are endless, from exploring completely immersive virtual worlds to playing virtual board games on your kitchen table to hanging virtual artwork in your living room.

Redesigned for Control and Comfort

Meta Quest 3 is sleeker and more pleasant to wear than Quest 2, thanks to a 40% smaller ocular profile. The form factor of the Touch Plus controllers has also undergone a complete revamp and now features a sleek and ergonomic design. The absence of outer tracking rings makes it possible for the controllers to fit more compactly in your hands and feel like a natural extension of your hands. Furthermore, TruTouch haptics, which was first included in the Touch Pro controllers, offer improved tactile feedback, enhancing immersion in your VR experiences. The Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers offer even more advanced functionality for customers looking for a premium experience.

Meta Quest 3
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World’s Best Immersive Content Library

Quest 3 is compatible with the more than 500 VR experiences, games, and apps that are already available for Quest 2. Users of Quest 3 will have immediate access to the most immersive experiences available thanks to our enormous collection. Additionally, Meta promises an ever-expanding library of interesting content for Meta Quest 3 players to explore with its upcoming VR and mixed-reality titles.

Quest 2 Gets Lower Prices and Performance Upgrade

Quest 3 is not the only thing Meta is introducing; it also offers updates for Quest 2 players. Quest 2 will be even more affordable for a wider audience starting on June 4 when the price is reduced to approx. ₹ 24,500 (INR) for the 128GB version and approx. ₹ 29,000 (INR) for the 256GB version. Quest 2 and Quest Pro’s CPU and GPU performance will be enhanced in a future software update by Meta, leading to improved gameplay, a more responsive user interface, and richer content. Furthermore, Dynamic Resolution Scaling will be made available, enabling games and apps to benefit from higher pixel density without lowering the frame rate.


A big advancement in the field of virtual reality and mixed reality headsets can be seen in Meta Quest 3. Quest 3 is poised to revolutionize how we experience VR and MR thanks to its outstanding features, including greater resolution, improved performance, ground-breaking Meta Reality technology, and a sleek and comfortable design.

Users can engage with virtual material while participating in their actual environment thanks to the seamless integration of Meta Reality technology, opening up countless opportunities for exploration and immersion. Meta Quest 3 adds a new degree of engagement and realism to the virtual world, allowing you to play virtual board games on your kitchen table and decorate your living room with virtual artwork.

The updated Touch Plus controllers also provide better ergonomics and haptic feedback, enhancing how natural the virtual experience feels. Users can enjoy lengthy VR experiences without feeling uncomfortable because of Quest 3’s smaller design.

Meta Quest 3
@image: NDTV

Because Quest 3 is compatible with the current catalog of VR experiences and games, customers will have access to a large variety of material right now. The next Quest 2 and Quest Pro software update will boost CPU and GPU performance and add Dynamic Resolution Scaling, which will make the gaming experience even better while keeping even the older headsets on the market competitive.

Quest 3 intends to increase accessibility to cutting-edge VR and MR experiences for a larger audience with a starting price of ₹ 41,200 (INR). More information on pre-orders and availability will be revealed during the next Meta Connect event on September 27th and the fall release date.

Delivering ground-breaking technologies and immersive experiences, Meta is at the vanguard of innovation as the virtual reality sector develops. Users of Meta Quest 3 can anticipate a new era of virtual and mixed reality in which the lines between the real world and the virtual one are blurred, creating an endless amount of opportunities.


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