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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: What to Expect from the Upcoming Flagship

Despite having a year until its anticipated arrival, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has already begun to stir up rumours and leaks online. The device’s telephoto camera is one area of curiosity in particular since earlier rumours suggested a potential boost to a 5x optical zoom. A fresh leak, however, disproves this rumour and suggests that Samsung would continue using the same telephoto lens as its predecessor. Minor upgrades are also anticipated for the 10x zoom sensor. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has been the subject of recent news, leaks, and rumours, and we’ll examine them in this post to learn more about its camera and other anticipated features.

Speculations Regarding the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Telephoto Camera

The Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t have a 5x zoom camera, as was previously reported, says a tipper (@Tech_Reve). Instead, the 3x telephoto sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is anticipated to remain. The 10x zoom sensor is the only camera upgrade mentioned, and it reportedly receives just modest upgrades. The previously predicted changeable 3x to 10x telephoto camera appears to be a myth. Nevertheless, Samsung is probably going to keep the four cameras in the forthcoming flagship. While the precise resolution of the telescopic cameras is still unknown, more details are anticipated to become available by the end of this year.

Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Performance and Camera Improvements in the Galaxy S23 Ultra

When the Galaxy S23 Ultra was first introduced this year, it’s camera capabilities and general performance both underwent major advancements. The primary sensor has grown in size and now has a 200MP resolution, which is amazing. With this improvement, it is now possible to zoom in and take photographs that are incredibly detailed. In addition, the S23 Ultra was the first Samsung phone to support 8K video recording without compromising quality or using severe cropping. With the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung is probably going to shift its emphasis to other areas as the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s primary camera and performance are its main selling features.

Zooming Capabilities Give Samsung a Competitive Edge

Samsung has demonstrated its expertise in long-zoom photography, outperforming rivals in this area. Samsung’s organic 3x zoom has shown to be superior to those used by other firms, such as sensor cropping or intermediate zoom settings. Although the specific improvements above 10x have not yet been made public, it is anticipated that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will further bolster Samsung’s status as a leader in Zoom capabilities.

Additional Details and Speculation

Other enhancements and new features may be added to the Galaxy S24 Ultra in addition to the upgraded cameras. According to reports, Samsung may soon upgrade its 120Hz display to one with a 144Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the smartphone might run on the mobile Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 platform, which offers improved performance and economy. The reintroduction of Exynos chips, with the Exynos 2400 boasting an improved AMD GPU with four times greater performance, is another intriguing option. The Galaxy S24 line of smartphones may also be the first from Samsung to ship with Android 14 out of the box.

Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Even though the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t be available for some time, leaks and rumours have given us a hint as to what potential upgrades and features we may anticipate from this flagship handset. Contrary to early rumours that the device would have a 5x optical zoom camera, fresh leaks indicate that the telephoto camera configuration may remain the same, with a few tweaks to the 10x zoom sensor.

Samsung’s attention to the Galaxy S24 Ultra is probably going to shift to other areas as a result of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s improved cameras and great performance setting a high bar. Expectations are rising for the upcoming Samsung flagship, which is expected to provide an excellent user experience and further establish Samsung’s status as a leader, while we wait for additional information and official announcements.


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