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Unlocking the Potential: Meta Quest 3 Update and the V60 Update

With its most recent release, V60 Update, the Meta Quest series pushes boundaries further in the rapidly developing field of virtual reality. This article explores the major improvements made by V60, with a particular emphasis on the Meta Quest 3 and its notable features.

The Power Boost for Meta Quest Pro

Surge in Mixed-Reality Performance

Meta has given the Quest Pro a performance boost in mixed reality, which is a major advancement. Higher CPU and GPU clock speeds brought about by the update result in an astounding 34% and 19% performance boost, respectively. This results in a more responsive and engaging virtual experience for Quest Pro users.

Expanded Play Spaces for Meta Quest Owners

Memory Across Rooms

The expansion of playable spaces in V60 is a game-changing improvement for those without the Quest Pro. Your Meta Quest device can store data for multiple play spaces if you choose to share point cloud data. This eliminates the trouble of constantly redrawing boundaries, making room transitions simpler.

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Saying No to Cell Notifications

An Unexpected Exclusion of V60 Update

Unfortunately, a beloved feature of the V60 update is gone: phone notifications will no longer appear on your headset. It’s unclear why this was removed, but users who are used to checking their notifications without taking off their headsets may find it inconvenient.

The Passthrough Pas de Deux in Meta Quest 3

Interestingly, players of Meta Quest 3 are not affected by this inconvenience. As we pointed out in our review, Meta Quest 3’s mixed-reality passthrough is a significant improvement as it lets users see real-world screens without ever leaving the virtual world.

V60 update
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Introducing New Meta Horizon Home Environments for an Aesthetic Makeover

Meta Horizon Homes: Beyond the Headset

Blue Hill Gold Mine, Storybook, and Lakeside Peak are the three visually unique Meta Horizon Home environments that are introduced in V60. Before starting multiplayer games, friends can gather in these welcoming virtual hangouts that double as personalized backgrounds when the device boots up.

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Enhance Your Profile: Exchange VR Interests

Tailored Accounts

In V60, you get a power-up for your Meta profile that lets others see more specifics about your common VR interests. Users can connect through apps, common friends, and shared experiences, creating a more social metaverse with the option to keep this information private.

Quest v60: Patient and Gradual Deployment

Much-anticipated characteristics

Similar to earlier releases, V60 is being released gradually. Don’t worry if the new features aren’t visible right away; the update will soon arrive on your device and allow you to fully utilize Meta Quest.


In conclusion, a new era of virtual reality experiences is ushered in by the Meta Quest 3 and the V60 update. The search for an immersive metaverse is still ongoing, with everything from play areas to performance improvements. Accept the changes, maintain your connections, and discover all of the opportunities that Meta Quest presents.

FAQs – Unveiling Meta Quest 3 and V60 Update

1. Can I still receive phone notifications on Meta Quest 3 after the V60 update?

No, the V60 update removes phone notifications for most Quest devices, except for Meta Quest 3 users who can enjoy the mixed-reality passthrough feature.

2. How do I customize the new Meta Horizon Home environments?

Upon the arrival of V60, you can customize these environments by changing the Quest home skybox, adding a personalized touch to your virtual space.

3. Is the mixed-reality performance boost exclusive to Meta Quest Pro?

Yes, the mixed-reality performance boost with higher clock speeds is a notable enhancement exclusive to Meta Quest Pro.

4. How long will it take for the V60 update to reach my Meta Quest device?

The update is gradually rolling out, so be patient. Leaving your headset in standby mode and connected to a charger increases the chances of a swift update.

5. What is the significance of sharing point cloud data for expanded play spaces?

By opting to share point cloud data, Meta Quest devices gain the ability to remember information for multiple play spaces, streamlining transitions between rooms.


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