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OnePlus 12 vs. OnePlus 12R: Unraveling the Differences in the 12 Series


  • Flagship Faceoff: Compare the OnePlus 12 and 12R as the Chinese tech giant unveils its 2024 lineup, promising cutting-edge technology and a diverse range of options for users.
  • Global Debut Drama: The OnePlus 12 makes its debut in China, followed by a global launch in January 2024, while its sibling, the OnePlus 12R, emerges as a low-cost contender powered by last year’s flagship chipset.
  • Common Ground: Key features shared by both devices, such as vapor chamber cooling, RAM, storage options, battery capacity, and charging capabilities, highlight the cohesive nature of the ’12 series.’
  • Tech Specs Showdown: Get into the details of the comparison, from display dynamics and processing power to RAM and storage configurations, battery power, and camera capabilities.
  • Choosing Your Technical Companion: Whether you prioritize power with the OnePlus 12 or affordability with the 12R, this article will walk you through the decision-making process, ensuring you find the perfect smartphone match.


In the ever-changing world of smartphone technology, OnePlus, the Chinese tech behemoth, continues to make waves. The recent release of its 2024 flagship, the OnePlus 12, has sparked excitement in the tech community. Simultaneously, the OnePlus Ace 3, now known as the OnePlus 12R in global markets, has introduced an intriguing new dimension to the lineup.

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The Launch Saga: Global Launch and Unveiling the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R

The OnePlus 12 debuted in the Chinese market in December 2023, sparking excitement. The global launch took place in January 2024, demonstrating the brand’s continued commitment to a global audience. On the other hand, the OnePlus 12R, a sub-flagship model based on last year’s flagship chipset, was released in China on January 4th, with global availability following suit.

OnePlus 12
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Common Characteristics in the ’12 Series’ Devices

The OnePlus 12 and 12R share several distinguishing features, emphasizing the cohesive nature of the ’12 series.’ These features include the vapor chamber, RAM and storage configurations, battery capacity, and charging capabilities.

Understanding the Differences: A Comparative Overview

To get a better understanding of the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, let’s do a side-by-side comparison.

Key differences between the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R:


FeatureOnePlus 12OnePlus 12R
Display6.82″ 2K OLED6.74″ 1.5K OLED
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen3Snapdragon 8 Gen2
This comparison based on the leaks and rumors.

Photography enthusiasts can compare camera specifications to make an informed decision.

Choosing Your Ideal Device

Individual preferences and priorities must be considered when choosing between the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R models. If you want a device with superior specifications and are willing to invest, the OnePlus 12 is the obvious choice. However, for those who prioritize affordability without sacrificing essential features, the OnePlus 12R is an excellent choice.


OnePlus’s ’12 series’ continues to cater to a diverse audience in the ever-changing world of smartphone options. Whether they choose the powerful OnePlus 12 or the more affordable OnePlus 12R, users can find a device that meets their specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Can I expect software updates for the OnePlus 12 and 12R?

A.1. Yes, OnePlus will provide regular software updates for both devices to improve user experience and security.

Q. 2. Does the OnePlus 12R’s use of last year’s chipset reduce performance?

A. 2. Despite using the previous flagship chipset, the OnePlus 12R delivers impressive performance and is still a good choice for many users.

Q. 3. Are there any other colors available for the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R?

A. 3. Both devices provide a variety of color options, allowing users to select according to their aesthetic preferences.

Q. 4. What charging technology is incorporated in the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R?

A. 4. Both devices feature fast charging capabilities, ensuring quick and efficient charging for users on the go.

Q. 5. How does the pricing of the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R compare?

A. 5. The OnePlus 12 is positioned as a premium device with higher pricing, while the OnePlus 12R provides a more budget-friendly alternative.


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