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The Ongoing Battle Against Cheaters in Call of Duty: Activision’s Ricochet Anti-Cheat System

Cheating has become more prevalent as online multiplayer gaming has progressed. Cheaters in Call of Duty disrupt the level playing field, hurting everyone else’s enjoyment, whether by exploiting a glitch or employing cheat software. Activision has always been committed to maintaining their Call of Duty lobbies cheat-free, and with their latest update, they’ve made significant progress.

Introduction: Activision’s Pursuit of Cheaters in Call of Duty

Activision revealed that their patented Ricochet anti-cheat system would now display real-time messages in CoD lobbies when a cheater has been expelled from the game, which will please all honest players. This update coincides with the release of the fifth season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0.

Cheaters in Call of Duty
@image: Call of Duty

The Power of Real-Time Notifications

The alerts, which are intended to be part of the action, lend a sense of public shame to getting kicked for cheating. Furthermore, they serve as a constant reminder that the system is constantly alert, which adds to the deterrence of cheating.

The Evolution of Activision’s Anti-Cheat Efforts

This enhancement has been in the works since Activision announced the Ricochet anti-cheat system in 2021. Ricochet was built with a kernel-level driver to catch PC cheaters, a significant problem in the CoD franchise. However, the anti-cheat mechanism is not only reactive. To fight cheaters, it also employs proactive techniques such as rendering normal players invisible to cheats and instantly activating god mode.

Crackdown on Third-Party Hardware Cheating Devices

Activision has also taken action against third-party hardware cheating devices such as the XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1. These devices, which provide aim aid and keyboard-mouse movement benefits, are becoming increasingly popular due to their alleged invisibility. Activision’s tireless efforts, however, ensure that they are not as inconspicuous as they would want.

Cheaters in Call of Duty
@image: Call of Duty

The Cat-and-Mouse Game: Developers vs. Cheaters

The battle against cheaters is a constant cat-and-mouse game. Developers continuously enhance their anti-cheat systems, and cheaters find new methods to circumvent them.

The Bigger Issues: Aimbots and Wallhacks

Aimbots and wallhacks are among the most significant challenges for developers. Aimbots automatically lock onto opponents’ heads, allowing cheaters to fire and take them out with pinpoint accuracy. Wallhacks expose every player’s location on the map, giving cheaters an unfair advantage.

Struggling to Kick Cheaters Out

Game developers are still battling to remove these types of cheaters from their games. While kernel-level anti-cheat systems are the preferred method for game developers and publishers to monitor PCs, cheat developers can circumvent these anti-cheat systems on Intel-based processors by utilizing a specialist hypervisor layer that is typically used for virtual machines to run undetected on systems.

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The Hope for a More Secure Windows Environment

There is still optimism that Microsoft may intervene and manage its Windows environment for PC gaming. Although it is the platform on which the great majority of PC games are played, its openness allows cheaters to quickly design workarounds. Microsoft has developed a new Pluton security chip that is intended to provide future Windows PCs with Xbox-like protection, but the Windows developer has not yet announced any plans to connect Pluton to an anti-cheat system.

Cheaters in Call of Duty
@image: Call of Duty

Some game makers are even considering suing the vendors of cheat devices. Destiny 2 has been plagued by cheaters for years, and its Sony-owned developer, Bungie, has been fighting cheating software makers and sellers in court for months. Even if Bungie is successful, additional cheat creators will emerge because it is a lucrative sector that offers monthly subscriptions to hacks. Some cheat creators even construct private undetectable versions of cheats, which they sell at a premium to individuals desperate for a competitive advantage.


Cheating remains a significant issue in online multiplayer gaming, but Activision’s Ricochet anti-cheat system represents a determined effort to combat this problem in the Call of Duty franchise. With real-time notifications and proactive measures, they aim to create a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.


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