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Shazam Concerts Feature: Your Ultimate Guide to Discovering Live Music

For music enthusiasts and concert-goers, there’s an exciting new development in the world of music discovery. Shazam, the popular music recognition app owned by Apple, has introduced an innovative feature called “Shazam Concerts” that promises to revolutionize the way you find and experience live music events. In this article, we will dive deep into Shazam’s Concerts feature, exploring how it works, what it offers, and how it can enhance your live music experience.

Discovering Live Music with Shazam Concerts

Shazam’s Concerts is a feature integrated into the Shazam app, offering personalized event recommendations based on your music history. This innovative addition allows music lovers to stay updated on upcoming concerts that match their musical preferences, right from within the Shazam app. Here’s how you can start using Shazam Concerts:

Update Your Shazam App

Before you can start exploring the world of live music through Shazam Concerts, ensure that you have the latest version of the Shazam app. Shazam Concerts is available in Shazam app version 17.0 or later for iOS users. Android users can expect the feature to arrive on their platform shortly.

Accessing Shazam Concerts

Once you have the updated app, open Shazam and navigate to the “My Music” section. Here, you will find a dedicated tab labeled “Concerts.” This tab is your gateway to discovering upcoming concerts in your area and beyond, tailored to your musical tastes.

Shazam Concerts
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Exploring Shazam Concerts: Features and Functionalities

Now that you know how to access Shazam Concerts, let’s delve deeper into what this feature has to offer:

Personalized Recommendations

Shazam Concerts analyzes your Shazam history to provide you with personalized event recommendations. This means that you’ll receive concert suggestions that align with the artists and music genres you’ve shown interest in. It’s like having a virtual concert curator tailored just for you.

Trending Concerts

Stay in the loop with the latest music trends in your area. Shazam Concerts allows you to discover what concerts are currently trending locally. This feature is perfect for staying up-to-date with the hottest live music events happening around you.

Explore Beyond Your Location

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore live music events in other cities, Shazam Concerts has got you covered. You can easily browse concerts in different cities, opening up a world of possibilities for music exploration.

Save and Reminders

Shazam Concerts doesn’t just help you find concerts; it also assists you in staying organized. You can save your favorite events and set reminders for upcoming shows. No more missing out on concerts that you’re excited about!

Venue and Ticket Information

For each concert listed in Shazam Concerts, you’ll find detailed information about the venue, making it easy to plan your night out. Moreover, you can conveniently purchase tickets directly through the app, simplifying the ticket-buying process.

Exclusive Content

Shazam Concerts offers a unique feature: access to concert exclusives from select artists. This could include behind-the-scenes content, special offers, or exclusive music releases. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your concert experience.

Shazam’s Concert Discovery Ecosystem

Shazam Concerts is just one part of Shazam’s comprehensive approach to concert discovery. Here’s how Shazam enhances your concert-finding experience across various Apple platforms:

Spotlight Search Integration

With the release of iOS 17, Shazam has seamlessly integrated concert discovery into the Spotlight Search feature. When you search for an artist using Spotlight, you can access information about their upcoming concerts, explore ticket options, and discover venue details—all through Shazam’s concert pages.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has also embraced concert discovery. Users can now find expertly curated Apple Music Guides highlighting the best venues for live music worldwide. Additionally, you can browse upcoming shows at a venue directly from Apple Maps, simplifying the process of planning your night out.

Apple Music Integration

Shazam’s concert discovery module extends to Apple Music with the “Set Lists” feature. This feature sheds light on a selection of major tours, allowing fans to listen to set lists, read about the productions, and explore artists’ upcoming shows in their area—all by launching Shazam’s concert discovery module. This tight integration between Shazam and Apple Music ensures that concert-goers have a holistic music discovery experience.

Bandsintown Partnership: Powering Live Music Data

The data behind Shazam Concerts comes from Bandsintown, a prominent platform for concert discovery and event recommendations. In 2022, Bandsintown licensed its data to Apple, enriching the live music discovery experience across various Apple services.

Shazam Concerts
@image: Apple

How to Use Bandsintown Data with Shazam Concerts

Shazam Concerts leverages Bandsintown’s data to offer users comprehensive live music information. When you open a specific concert in Shazam, you can access details about the venue and even purchase tickets directly through the app. Moreover, you can save the concert within the Shazam app and add it to your calendar, ensuring that you never miss an event you’re excited about.

Bandsintown Data Integration in Apple Services

Bandsintown’s data doesn’t stop at Shazam Concerts. It has found its way into other Apple services as well. For instance:

Spotlight Search: Bandsintown data is integrated into Spotlight Search, allowing users to access concert information when searching for artists.

Apple Music: Shazam’s “Set Lists” feature in Apple Music draws from Bandsintown’s data, providing concert-goers with comprehensive insights into upcoming shows.

Apple Maps: Apple Maps features expertly curated Apple Music Guides that highlight the best live music venues worldwide, with the ability to explore venue-specific upcoming shows.

Optimizing Your Live Music Discovery

Shazam Concerts is more than just a new feature; it’s a game-changer for music lovers. With personalized recommendations, trending concert insights, and seamless integration with other Apple services, Shazam Concerts is your ultimate tool for discovering live music experiences that match your musical preferences.

Now, when you hear a song you love and Shazam it, you can take your music journey to the next level by exploring upcoming concerts by that artist, accessing exclusive content, and purchasing tickets, all within the same app. No more switching between multiple platforms or missing out on your favorite artist’s live performance.

So, whether you’re a seasoned concert-goer or someone looking to dip their toes into the world of live music, Shazam Concerts has something exciting in store for you. It’s time to embrace the future of concert discovery and make your live music experiences more enjoyable than ever.


Shazam Concerts is the ultimate companion for music enthusiasts who want to discover live music events that resonate with their tastes. From personalized recommendations to ticket purchases and exclusive content, this feature brings the world of live music right to your fingertips. With seamless integration across various Apple services, your live music discovery experience has never been more comprehensive. So, why wait? Update your Shazam app, explore Concerts, and embark on a musical journey like never before. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of live music, one concert at a time.


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