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TCL 115QM891G: A Giant Leap in Television Technology


  • Revealing TCL’s Marvel: Take a look at the state-of-the-art TCL 115QM891G, a 115-inch TV boasting mini-LED brightness that promises an unmatched visual experience.
  • Massive Size, Engrossing Feel: Experience a cinematic atmosphere in your living room with the screen’s expansive 8.5 feet width and nearly 5 feet height.
  • Mini-LED Brilliance: Behold the magnificence of mini-LED technology, offering 20,000 local dimming zones and a maximum brightness of 5,000 nits for flawless contrast on the enormous screen.
  • Proven Excellence: The 115QM891G, which inherited its excellent image quality from its smaller counterpart, has a 120Hz panel, quantum dot colour, and a Dolby Atmos sound system.
  • Breaking Down Barriers with a Sub-$20,000 Price: TCL disrupts the market by providing this technological marvel at a competitive price, making high-end cinematic displays more accessible than before.


Excitement permeated the air as soon as I entered TCL’s private suite at CES 2024. Not just any old television, but the enormous 115-inch 115QM891G was what was waiting for me. Even though the company had hinted at it for weeks, seeing it in person was a whole other experience. Having covered TV shows for 20 years, I’ve seen some amazing shows, but this one really jumped out.

A Titan in Dimensions

The screen measured an incredible eight and a half feet across and almost five feet high. Even with its temporary stand (which TCL assured me wasn’t the final design), the TV weighed in excess of 200 pounds and was nearly as tall as my 6 feet 3 inch frame. The TV was set up in a moderately sized room, and even at a distance of seven feet, it made me feel as though I was in an IMAX theatre.

@image: Sound & Vision

The Might of Technology’s Mini-LEDs

This TV is unique because it uses mini-LED technology, which allows it to achieve previously unheard-of brightness. TCL is one of the brightest TVs on the market, with a peak brightness of 5,000 nits. Even on such a massive screen, it promises precise lighting thanks to its 20,000 local dimming zones. I was enthralled with the extreme brightness and flawless contrast during my brief viewing, and there was no blooming or stray illumination to be found.

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TCL 115QM891G “Baby” Version of Proven Technology

I had the honor of reviewing the smaller 65-inch QM8, which is where the 115QM891G gets its superiority from in 2023. The exceptional image quality held true despite the scale variation. Among the extra features are a NextGen TV tuner, a 6.2.2 channel Dolby Atmos sound system, a 120Hz panel, and quantum dot color. It wasn’t an 8K screen, but there was no reason to be unhappy about the sharpness.

Overcoming the Cost Obstacle

Though some larger TVs, such as Samsung’s 292-inch Wall, were shown at CES, none of them were mass-market models. However, TCL hopes to alter that story. Estimated to retail for “under $20,000,” though rumors have it going for $19,999. The TCL 115QM891G is expected to launch in late spring or early summer of 2024. Hisense’s 100-inch TV is a notable substitute that is significantly less expensive at approximately $5,000. We are entering the era of triple-digit TVs, and TCL is at the forefront of this trend.

An Overview of the Future

Not only did TCL unveil the massive TCL 115QM891G at CES 2024, but it also unveiled a selection of more compact and reasonably priced TVs. Larger-than-life displays may eventually become more affordable for the typical consumer as technology develops.


Regarding home entertainment, TCL’s 115QM891G is revolutionary. It provides an immersive viewing experience by fusing technology and size. The TV industry is unquestionably changing as we eagerly await its release, bringing cinematic displays into everyday homes across the globe.


Q. 1. What distinguishes the TCL 115QM891G from other large-screen TVs?

A. 1. Its mini-LED technology, outstanding brightness, and affordable price set it apart from the competition.

Q. 2. Is the TCL 115QM891G appropriate for compact spaces?

A. 2. TCL designed the TV to be immersive even in spaces of moderate size, despite its enormous size.

Q. 3. How does the less expensive 100-inch TV from Hisense stack up against the TCL 115QM891G?

A. 3. Although both have outstanding displays, TCL’s model is superior in terms of peak brightness and extra features.

Q. 4. When will the TCL 115QM891G be accessible to consumers?

A. 4. TCL plans to launch the TV in 2024 either in the early summer or late spring.

Q. 5. What additional innovations was TCL showcasing at the 2024 CES?

A. 5. In addition to the 115QM891G, TCL unveiled a number of more affordable, smaller TVs, demonstrating their dedication to meeting a variety of customer demands.


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