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Tecno Spark Go 2024: Transforming Innovation and Affordability in Low-Cost Smartphones

With the release of the Tecno Spark Go 2024, Tecno has left a lasting impression on the rapidly changing smartphone market. With its abundance of features that were previously only found on more expensive models, this low-cost smartphone seeks to redefine accessibility without sacrificing innovation.

Introducing Tecno Spark Go 2024

Outstanding Display Technology

With a segment-first refresh rate of 90 Hz, the 6.56-inch Dot-In display on the Tecno Spark Go 2024 breaks previous records. Explore a visual experience that goes beyond what is possible on low-cost smartphones.

Two Stereo Speakers for Rich Sound Quality

With its dual DTS-compatible speakers, the device promises 400% louder sound, upping the ante in the audio department. The immersive audio experience is guaranteed by the Spark Go 2024, whether it is for gaming, music, or videos.

Battery with Power Packing

Tecno Spark Go 2024 smartphone’s strong 5000mAh battery means that durability is just as important as features. You can be productive, entertained, and connected without having to worry about running out of battery.

Tecno Spark Go 2024
@image: Gadget 360

Price and Availability

Alternative Selections

Three tempting versions are available from Tecno Spark Go 2024: 3GB + 64GB, 8GB + 64GB, and 8GB + 128GB. Customize these various setups to fit your needs when using a budget smartphone innovation.

Reasonably priced

At Rs. 6,699, the base variant (3GB + 64GB) is reasonably priced. Budget-conscious customers are anticipating the company’s announcement of the other two variants’ prices in the upcoming weeks.

Presence in the Market

The Spark Go 2024 will be on sale through regional retail outlets and the Amazon India website as of December 7. Tecno guarantees accessibility for all, facilitating users’ easy access to this cutting-edge gadget.

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Under the Hood: Tecno Spark Go 2024 Specifications

Upgrade of Processing Capacity

With the UniSoC T606 Octa-Core SoC, Tecno advances significantly over the Helio A22 in its predecessor. Gain improved performance in terms of speed, efficiency, and general handling.

Capabilities of the Camera

The exact second catch is potential because of the 13-megapixel back camera’s f/1.85 opening and double Drove streak. The 8MP forward-looking camera with a Double Drove streak produces dazzling selfies, even in low light.

Design for the Future

The phone’s dimensions (163.69×75.6×8.55mm) are ideal for achieving a perfect balance between handling comfort and sleek design. The fingerprint sensor on the side increases security without sacrificing usability.

Tecno Spark Go 2024
@image: YouTube

HiOS 13 and Android 13 Go Edition

Enhanced Software User Experience

HiOS 13, which is based on Android 13 Go Edition, offers a simplified and optimized software experience for the Spark Go 2024. Savour the newest features without the extra baggage, guaranteeing seamless functioning.


The CEO of Tecno Mobile India, Arijeet Talapatra, described the Spark Go 2024 as a ground-breaking step towards encouraging the adoption of technology. It redefines accessibility and offers previously unheard-of features to a wider audience. Tecno’s dedication to closing the digital divide is evident in its efforts to provide every Indian with access to cutting-edge technology.

FAQs: Unveiling the Spark Go 2024

Q: When will the Spark Go 2024 be available for purchase?

A: The base variant will be available from December 7th at 12 noon, with details on other variants to follow.

Q: What makes the display of the Spark Go 2024 unique?

A: The smartphone features a segment-first 90Hz refresh rate, setting it apart in the budget smartphone category.

Q: How does the Spark Go 2024 enhance the audio experience?

A: It incorporates DTS-supported dual speakers, promising 400% louder sound for a more immersive audio experience.

Q: What is the pricing for the Spark Go 2024 variants?

A: The base variant is priced at Rs. 6,699, with prices for other variants to be announced in the coming weeks.

Q: What is the warranty and after-sales service for the Spark Go 2024?

A: Tecno offers a standard warranty, and after-sales service details can be obtained from authorized service centers.


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